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  1. Ah so 10% inflation is only in the beginning. I think polkadot has a similar inflation rate in the beginning. Im starting to see a pattern here. Eth and Dot don't have true max supply. So Smart contract platform coins dont have true max supplies, why not? Whereas coins like BTC, XRP, basically any non smart contract coin don't have infinite supply, but deflate instead.
  2. How do users get penalized? Their Flare gets burned like being slashed in PoS? Oh man idk about this. Interesting but initial thoughts from people are going to be a no no.
  3. OMG Spark inflation is 10%. That is way too high! I thought the supply was capped at 100 billion. Every year the inflation is 10%, which is 10 billion spark added. Holy smokes, I don't like this.
  4. So FLARE? Flare with the upcoming flare finance? Also Any smart contract platform like Eth/Dot/Cardano that are integrated with Chainlink!?Uniswap isn't integrated with chainlink atm.
  5. Ah I see. So XRPL's autobridging is a DEX but with orderbooks. Uniswap and other AMM's do not have this due to Ethereum scalability/speed restrictions? Am I tracking this correctly. Avalanche/ flare/ dot and other new and faster smart contract platforms could possibly run a DEX with orderbooks. Is this what you're saying?
  6. So, if other blockchains/smart contract platforms can just add their own auto bridge apps then what makes XRPL soo special? The consensus speed and low fees? Is this why you guys are talking soo much about FLR? Ripple could just drop XRP and use FLR in its place? Like if Polkadot could add an auto bridge, why not use Dot for cross border transactions? It's fast enough and has fair fees for now right?
  7. they believe it for a good reason though. Its the tech behind it, the mission Ripple is trying to accomplish along with the connections/ partnerships that have happened over the last few years. Link is pretty awesome. I just wonder if XRPL will work with Link oracles, or Flare. But then again Flare kinda has its own oracle thingy. Wouldn't it need to connect with Link? Why does it have its own oracles anyways, why not use Link? Wish someone knew. If I ask on twitter I'd get attacked by Link marines lol.
  8. I really grown to like Bitrue. I would use the OG Binance if we still could. Not sure if they banned all US customers but I was able to get on this past summer using VPN. Also isn't Kraken and CB just halting for US customers only? SHould still be available for non US customers.
  9. omg he really did. I nvr watched that dude. This is interesting. Kinda
  10. I was pretty diversified. This past summer I made some mad gains. Chainlink, DOT, Eth, omg I 3-5 x'd just about. Thought XRP was about 40% of my portfolio, it didn't move much, just to 30 cents then back to 23. Well I sold most of my DOT and Link and Eth even to basically times my XRP holdings by 4. Not because I'm an XRP maxi but because, all these coins pumped and XRP didn't, so XRP will too soon, yeah? Well leading up to the Flare air drop I was technically right. I shoulda traded back and re-diversified. On the day the SEC news dropped I woke up and saw XRP around 44 cents. Thought
  11. Hmmm maybe I should go all in on Litecoin? I might actually go hard in Ltc, maybe there will be a similar pump like XRP? What's the snapshot date?
  12. At this rate yeah this is probably true. Polkadot did something similar with IOU's. Turned out to be pretty accurate too when they put things on the exchange. I'd say where it is at now is accurate, but I expect people to just dump Spark since its dropping what percentage of spark to holders for the airdrop? 15% monthly? So might be a dump for a while im not sure. Uniswap looked like a pump and dump but it' doing great now. And its airdrop was a one time thing unlike Flare.
  13. I hope you're right. I think XRP was created with simplicity in mind for performance. Something about DS saying no incentive is the best incentive. Incentive means more moving parts and friction, slowing things down. I think. I'm not a coder/ programmer either (just took some android apps classes in school).
  14. I don't think they did. They don't have to, someone in China is using the XRPL lol. It's open source, anyone can use it. These transactions don't have anything to do with Ripple
  15. Not sure if this is allowed in here but it is all speculating. Would like to share this is sooo bullish!! Raoul Pal is one of those legendary investors. I think he originally started off as a BTC maxi but he recently has been going into the alts as well. He's been pretty bullish on XRP even after the SEC news. He was also on Pomp's interview discussing that the market might be wrong about XRP. I don't see the XRP community talking about him very much. On twitter he's shouting out what seems another investor (Santiago) that is talking about "walled gardens" and something bout Metcalfe's
  16. Sorry to quote something a few days back. But I need to add, keep your eyes on teh ODL volume. Kraken sells xrp via odl so lets see if they are still doing ODL after they halt trading. jan 13 was the last ODL transaction form kraken. Let us see in a week or two. https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  17. This is random but since we're talking about polkadot I think it'd be funny that I mention at one point I bought like 50k Dot at somewhere under $3 at one time. I sold it for XRP. Rip.
  18. Ah, I see! This I why they need all these other currencies on board so the "order books" can be filled instantly. Thanks for linking this. Question though, what is stopping Ethereum/ polkadot or any other blockchain including any smart contract platform creating an auto bridging feature? Why wouldn't every blockchain have something like this? Doesn't polkadot and cosmos try to bridge?
  19. Thank you for the response! I had to read this part a few times over to fully understand this. I guess this is what Hugo (from Flarenetworks) was talking about Eth having a potential security risk and not being able to scale for value? And regarding EVM, when a Flare and other smart contract platforms use an EVM does this require users to have ETH for gas fees? Don't EVM's take away the need for dapps to run on ETH if it can be ran elsewhere cheaper and faster? (off subject but I was curious) Isn't it the same if I were to provide liquidity on some Ethereum Defi app (Yfi/a
  20. Just trying to learn more about the XRPL. I don't hear too much about the built in DEX on the XRPL. Anyone knowledgeable of this? My questions are: What advantages does having a build in DEX give XRP and the XRPL? What other cryptos/ blockchains have a built in DEX? Is there an advantage/ disadvantage to a built in DEX vs a dapp DEX built on top of something like Ethereum? Hope these questions make sense and get answered. TIA!
  21. Just theories but man, they go deep. Pretty good read. Theory one is basically about how screwed up Jay Clayton is and how it's super political. I have noticed politics getting involved in the whole thing. BG seems express frustration with Trump admin and is hoping Biden will be better, I can only hope I guess. Also Brian Brooks said recently saying he would like politics to be left out of the whole digital currency space or something. It was in a very recent article about what he expects the next OCC to do. Also, anyone know anything about Goldman Sachs competing with Ripple? Enjoy the
  22. Have you ever looked at what's on the XRPL? There's literally more CNY transactions more than USD, just saying. And yeah, if the US doesn't want to play ball while the rest of the world moves on without them then the US will lose out. They're naturally going to fight against a new bridge currency because currently the USD is the reserve. Clearly, you don't see the bigger picture at play here. Have you seen BRICS? US can't tell everyone what to do. After clickling around for a few minutes I found an order filled for CNY. Look on bithomp: rJumr5e1HwiuV543H7bqixhtFreChWTaHH There are
  23. Heheh Okay, kinda of a silly question. But I do recall hearing David Schwartz or someone saying something along the lines that we can actually vote to burn all the XRP in Jed's wallet? Also I heard that it is possible to burn half of all XRP, is this the same process (from voting). Can we just vote and make XRP's price stable at $589 please!?
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