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  1. Heheh Okay, kinda of a silly question. But I do recall hearing David Schwartz or someone saying something along the lines that we can actually vote to burn all the XRP in Jed's wallet? Also I heard that it is possible to burn half of all XRP, is this the same process (from voting). Can we just vote and make XRP's price stable at $589 please!?
  2. ?? What every other country thinks here actually does matter more than what the US thinks. XRP is a "bridge" currency. It's literal purpose is to do the US dollars job as the reserve currency. The US has abused its power with the US dollar. So any country outside the US (including Japan and UK who say XRP is not a security) will want to adapt its technology. And if/when China overtakes the US as the worlds super power, do you think we're going to just sit around and let China use the Yuan as the next reserve currency and possibly abuse the Yuan the same way the US has abused the US dollar? L
  3. I have my own theory. XRP as a bridge means the US dollar loses its reserve status. So naturally the US will try and crush XRP.
  4. I think a lot of people here are missing my main point? If the community (not Ripple) makes a big change to the XRPL (i.e. changing XRP ticker to something else) that would prove (or add more proof) that Ripple is not in full control over the XRPL and that it's not centralized. Right?
  5. I mean if the community changes it then isn't that more proof that XRP is decentralized and not a security? Not that I'd change it to prove that XRP is decentralized (we already know it is) I just want to change it. Lol, I always liked calling XRP "Ripple" a few years back. I don't get why the company Ripple couldn't just stick with Ripple Labs and let the crypto be called Ripple.
  6. Yeah its tough to follow. They seem to create these new wallets and throw them away later and remake new ones.
  7. Is it possible that we can change the name of the token and symbol? I recall hearing that we could technically vote and burn all XRP's in Jed's wallet. Why not vote and change the name of the XRP token and maybe even symbol? It would make another strong point that XRP is decentralized if decisions as such can be made by the community, not controlled by the company Ripple. I would keep the ticker "XRP" but change the R and P to Rising Phoenix. Symbol would be the same "X" (primarily because the symbolism) but it'll be on the chest of a phoenix. Drops replaced with joules
  8. He did say he thinks XRP is a security. But it's deeper than that. He is very knowledgeable of blockchain and Ripple. I think he is very open minded. Yeah, but these two could be talking about anything. I mean how long ago was this?
  9. Whoa! Thank you for showing me this. I didn't know you could pass ownership of wallets. Will be scanning through this document. Thanks.
  10. The problem is my bags are heavy and are becoming worthless!
  11. I don't blame you man. Praying for your mad gains in the future!
  12. I started a little project. I'm looking through the top wallets, currently got done scanning through the one's with 100 million XRP range (about 75 wallets). Most of these are exchanges from what I can see, and same goes for the wallets with 500 million+ XRP. But I noticed there's a handful of wallets that have around 500 million XRP, and on bithomp it says the wallet was activated by Chris Larsen 8 years ago, almost nothing has moved from these wallets. What are these? Are these his personal wallets or is he/Ripple waiting to use these large amounts of XRP for something?
  13. True, but XRP is only the first coin on FLR, in the future we could add XLM, BTC etc. I kinda view Flare similar to polkadot.
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