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  1. I tried looking into it, yeah basically flare competitor. also cosmos competitor and dot too. I tried understanding the whole concept of storeman nodes, but its sounds to be its just the same that Flare is doing. Except in order to bring over lets say Ltc into FLare you have to pay an agent FLR to wrap the Ltc. Does Wanchain have to do this? Or is it just free, my guess is that it's not.
  2. BIS and some other central bank in China and Thailand are working on a new bridge currency on DLT, basically what XRP is built to do. Why are youtubers not discussing this? Can we talk about how this is or is not a threat to XRP?? Seems like XRP's lunch will start to be eaten if things don't get settled. https://www.bis.org/press/p210223.htm https://www.unlock-bc.com/news/2021-02-25/uae-central-bank-governor-embarks-on-m-cbdc-bridge-project
  3. No, its going to bea piece of hyperledgers. hyperledger is still being built. I think its just waiting.
  4. Thank you for the advice. Just so you guys know. In 2018 I landed a nice job, it's about 60-70k yearly salary. I had just turned 28 at the time too. this was in 2018, and as you all know the entire crypto market crashed, and I was just learning about investing. So I decided to go all in. I lived very frugal, finding the cheapest places to live. I haven't bought a new car or anything, I just kept investing. I would throw 80%+ of my paycheck into crypto, btc, eth, Link etc. So, losing a third of my portfolio is heart breaking. I know this was risky, but I felt the only way to make me finally stand out was to take this risk. My life actually sucks, no family or friends. That's why I went all in like I did. So you know there are crazies like me out there. Thanks for all the advice and support.
  5. This is true. I said to others that a bigger bag doesn't always yield a higher return because selling it at the perfect time is near impossible. I'm trying to remind myself that, but idk. Thanks for the advice. Thank you. I didn't know that this was a common behavior. Unfortunately I am mostly in XRP, i kept selling my Dot, Link and Eth each time I multiplied. I only have a small amount of Eth left. I guess my plan is to just tune out a little bit. I think imma just hold what I have left and forget about about everything and just keep an eye out for price action.
  6. Hey guys, not feeling too good. At all actually. Just wanted to share my experience so that you won't make the same mistake I did recently. I'm sure you are all aware or the huge price swings for XRP lately. From 75 cents t0 17 cents, back to 70 cents and down to 35. At no time did I ever get to capitalize on these (Bitrue froze up for me during the PnD). I am not a trader, been buying and holding for 3 years. I even took profits form other coins like Eth and Link Btc etc. Poured them all into XRP because XRP hasnt really moved much yet whereas my other coins I have 4-5X'd on. Because I missed out on making gains on the PnD and the SEC news, I felt like I needed to increase my bags. It started by just shorting XRP. Worked a couple times, managed to scalp about 40k XRP. A couple days ago Btc pretty big drop in price. I just happened to wake up in that time and noticed it. I thought the bear market is here, maybe I can scalp more XRP. Like an idiot I sold all my XRP at 0.48 cents, and as soo an that happened literally XRP bounced right back to 52 cents. To make things worse, as angry as I was I decided to try to find a new coin to catch me back to where I should be. I should of just taken the small hit and just rebought at a higher price. But no, I saw avalanche. I figured it was trending up, thinking that it's going to get the Cardano/ polkadot treatment because it's a smart contract platform. As you guys can see, price dumped. I am such an idiot, I knew better not to do things like this with basically my whole portfolio. I bought at $58 and woke up the next morning to $48 and sold. But it doesn't stop there. I decided to try and make up for this again, and bought GRT. Which is actually a really good project, I bought in at $1.90, it stayed there the whole day. But now XRP was pumping up a bit, so I figured it was the pre trial pump happening, It was time to get back in XRP, losing out on 200k XRP, about $100k. And to pour salt into the wound this morning I woke up with The Graph at 2.75, seriously FML. smh The moral of the story is more complicated than it seems at first. Yes, Hodl, never be emotional when you sell/ trade, stick with your plan, don't get greedy and by coins at new ATH's. I knew all this. But I still did it anyways because of emotions. This is the moral of the story, is that even if you know all these rules, you could still make these mistakes due to emotions and other circumstances that you are dealing with in life. And you might not even realize that you are making them until it's too late. For me I was overconfident and dealing with depression, that is why I risked it. Now I am consulting a counselor. I hope the best for all of you. Be safe.
  7. Not a scam. Sounds like you deposited a large amount. Happened to me too on Blockfi. I knew theyd freeze and review my transaction request, but what sucks is it happened friday so I had to wait over the weekend while prices tanked.
  8. I agree that this SOC certificate is big. But they said RN cloud was adapted and yatta yatta yatta . . . yet price for XR was like not even moving wth?
  9. heard a rumor recently they froze GME on Robinhood, and now robinhood is selling GME for their users to "protect them" idk if this is true. Crazy. Just kinda wish that WSB would pump XRP
  10. What is the Frinkcoin (FRX) on the XRPL? Anyone remember that episode of the Simpsons that came out last year about crypto? The professor in that episode created a coin named after him, the Frinkcoin. His name is Frink. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovyMzT8rS8w At the very very beginning you can see Lisa talking to Professor Frink. notice that Rubix cube on Frink's desk? Let's take a look at bithomp, I wonder if there's a Frinkcoin. Oh look, their username is Frinkcoin. https://bithomp.com/explorer/Frinkcoin Notice this account was made in 2019. A bit before the Simpson's episode was aired, I wonder if there really is a connection between the two? This account was created by MFS. What is MFS? Click on that account (https://bithomp.com/explorer/razccN2G1Q3UcGSiRjGNM8xqgowMxDiGhv), and boom. A cube is in their profile picture. Hmm I wonder if there is really any connections here. Anyone know what these accounts are there for? MFS has "Obligations" no idea what these really are, but their obligations include Btc, Ltc and various types of what seems to be fiat. This MFS account is still making transactions today too. Last transaction as made 2 days ago. Anyone know what these things are? What do you think, is there a connection between Frinkcoin and the Simpsons?
  11. I dont see anything on ACI's website stating they're partnered with Ripple. Only thing I see is that they mentioned Ripple a couple times in some of their articles. The fuq? Where does ACI say they are Ripple's partner? It's just articles stating this, but no real confirmation. This is the article people are pointing me to. Where does it say anywhere that Ripple and ACI are partnered? All it does is mention Ripple as an example. Holy cow, people are echoing false information. Am I wrong here? There is no partnershit confirmed!
  12. But will they really use XRP? idk I need more confirmation with ACI that they will really use XRP. After all these years, this kinda news no longer gets my hope up . . . okay it does. Just a little though. https://www.aciworldwide.com/about-aci/partners/technology-partners why dont we see Ripple there? Maybe it's all a lie!!!
  13. Can you post the public address? Maybe check on bithomp too?
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