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  1. So, i haven't been on the board in a few weeks. When i first heard about the spark drop, you had to have set the message line of your account on the ledger/paper wallet to show your eth address before the snapshot...it seems as though that is now not the case? We will have an additional six months? Sorry if you have covered this already
  2. Wow...just wow, color me extremely impressed. Just don't tell the debbie downers in the zerpbox, i'd hate for them to pull a facial muscle smiling.
  3. whoa...just imagine the shrieks of the anti bank/ down with government folks upon learning that xrp is to become the tool of the IMF. lol
  4. As opposed to what...the completely rational, even minded, and intelligent liberal left? Please?
  5. if this quote is reliable and is real news...wow!! Even with xrapid, the highest savings i saw from Ripple themselves was 70%. This person is saying a very specific 81% on average. that's a huge amount. i would love to see those calculations. At any rate, sounds like xrapid to me. Wonder if this is THE bank of which the beard spoke?
  6. It's a complete and utter clusterfook. Nobody knows what's going to happen. I will go on record saying that as a whole, the US government will do what's in the best interest of it's rulers (hint: it's not you and me) up to and including putting it's jackboot on the throat of individual liberty. Having said that, I find it difficult to fathom them finding xrp as a security
  7. i think you have quite clearly hit the nail on the head. This is about eliminating legacy overhead. We can debate all day long if xrp will be the asset to remake payments but blockchain tech IS DEFINITELY the future and if WU doesn't come to understand this, they will be left behind in the space.
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