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  1. I figured that early ratio example of .2 per zerp and 5x for solo held would be way off base. At first thought (prob foolishly), that might be worth risking converting some xrp into solo for snapshot. Even considering you might not be able to convert back due to dump. Forget that strategy
  2. In XUMM, once a trustline to SOLO is established...one can convert some of held XRP into SOLO within that trustline. Will this then qualify you to receive the SOLO portion of the airdrop and the XRP portion? Or do you need to hold SOLO on an exchange somewhere? Please forgive if previously covered.
  3. concerning the snapshot...i'm assuming the snapshot will be instantaneous. So at one second past 8 UTC, we can move our coins?
  4. So, to be clear...you can hold solo in the same xrp address that you have the trustline set, and theoretically collect both the xrp and solo portions of the airdrop?
  5. ah...thanks,I'm a little slow on the uptake. Where can Americans trade SGB? I was looking at Bitrue and hilariously and embarrassingly, the US is prohibited along with N Korea and Iran.
  6. When checking reward accrual, there are 2 amounts shown. I believe one is Bifrost symbol, but not sure of the other one?
  7. Now let me think....hmmmmm...where have i heard that name Perkins Coie before.......oh yeah, they're the dirty scum of the earth criminally corrupt hatchetman law firm of the Democratic National Covention and more specifically, Hillary Clinton. They are the folks the DNC paid to hire Fusion GPS who ginned up the infamous "Steele Dossier"...wow, just wow. What a tangled web. Now to find out they're involved in the hitjob on Ripple and XRP too. You can't make this s*#^ up if you were writing a book.
  8. not sure...livecoinwatch still has normal numbers
  9. Except for us unfortunate US folks...the revenue service intends to tax us into oblivion upon receipt
  10. It's not technically your wallet, it's the exchanges'. If you have double checked the tag, you should be fine. Test with a small amount if you are unsure.
  11. What's the best way to access and set message key field on XRPL if you do not use XUMM or a Ledger Nano?
  12. So, i haven't been on the board in a few weeks. When i first heard about the spark drop, you had to have set the message line of your account on the ledger/paper wallet to show your eth address before the snapshot...it seems as though that is now not the case? We will have an additional six months? Sorry if you have covered this already
  13. Wow...just wow, color me extremely impressed. Just don't tell the debbie downers in the zerpbox, i'd hate for them to pull a facial muscle smiling.
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