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  1. No Brad. You want XRP to be successful stop being a backstabbing bi*ch to us
  2. Congratulations on the presidency sir! 4 more years
  3. If you stay in btc you can buy 100 times the amountof xrp you have now in 5 years
  4. Yes because no one pays their rent with xrp or some other shitcoin
  5. Ouch Are we paying for the difference with our wallet value ?
  6. Im looking for updates of the xrp value - is someone working on it ?
  7. But we can still findit on github to download and run offline?
  8. He clearly wanted to say : 'wHaLeS cOnTrOl tHe pRiCe' but he realised how dumb that sounds so he went with 'forces' omfg lol - clearly one of the babacugs onlyfans followers with a low iq and mental illness i feel bad for these people. What is the community doing to stop this retardant ?
  9. Just make sure to NOT FILL IN YOUR SECRET WORDS ANYWHERE ONLINE! But xrptoolkit and ledger worked fine for me. If toolkit doesnt recognise your ledger - switch Internet browser then you are able to set itup
  10. Almost 80.000 BTC still missing - bet they are in Jeds private swiss bank account
  11. Im kind of confused. What are the projects xpring did invest in and how many of them use xrp at present time? What exactly did ethan beard deliver to the xrpledger in the past 2.5 years ?
  12. Why should this change anything when the go to platform is ethirium? If i remember correctly Ripple had Codius whathappened to it of they pursue anothersmart contract solution?
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