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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-13/binance-probed-by-u-s-as-money-laundering-tax-sleuths-bore-in Ya sure mr don't take any chances
  2. SEC can be sued but we can't sue binance and cmc? Lol Binance CZ is a Chinese communist party asset and we all know what interests they share
  3. This has nothing to do with unfair. They are actively manipulate the market like coinmarketcap did before in 2018 2018 and 2019 But it's now in CZ hands and he removed many coins from their official rankings and moved his in-house BSC scam projects into the top 100 80% is binance scams Makes you think
  4. I'm around since a long time sir... Let me tell you - remember Luke wagman from cmc? He indirectly admitted coinmarketcap bias against xrp and Ripple then they removed exchanges... Then binance CZ bought cmc and now CMC has listed 80%+ OF top 100 are BSC centralized ponzi projects controlled BY CZ You hold more than 1 billion doge? Remove 10 billion xrp from supply to sell your Overvalued doge bags to idiots coming fresh to crypto. God bless 4 digits
  5. I would love to finally get some profits. I still need 150% to get my initial investment from 2018 back in xrp If I just had cut my losses and went all in Ether bitcoin dogecoin and other real crypto currencies since 2018 I would already be retired. But I chose to believe some shady ceo talking about 99% of cryptos going to zero soon not realizing that he used his sales strategy to unload 600million USD in xrp. Etherium buttcorn and dogecoin are well know ponzi schemes but people profit more of it than from Ripple because they are unregulated and Chinese marketin
  6. Doesn't make it a done deal. First bring the major banks from 2017-2021 who wanted to use and hold xrp according to some executive. Then bring muh all the money the other Ripple executive talked about until then it's BS
  7. George Soros wants to rekt us all over. Stop him https://twitter.com/AreYouAwaQe/status/1385035448616030209?s=19
  8. We have been bamboozled. Utility doesn't move the price as Breanne Madigan told us a few Ripple drop videos ago. We have been conned and duped by empty statements and predictions. Holding xrp feels like getting robbed slowly by greedy executives buying BTc and eth with our money. Utility won't be here until 2040.
  9. Xrp price already at 4 digits on the cordachain by R3 few understand. It's not like you can check corda explorer to see WICH banks transact in xrp at the price they set up with a contract between each other. God bless. London is ready
  10. We now need the people convincing us that a Ripple employee is not part of the deep state in control of ripple and doesn't know that xrp was designed to be 34.000$ Kek 🤣
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