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  1. Isn't that where Jed dumps his daily allowance? Merry Christmas btw, not too late to say that where I am...
  2. Wouldn't it be admission of guilt to pay a fine? Since the SEC doesn't collect fines for themselves but potential victims. And if so, wouldn't that establish that Ripple agrees XRP is a security? Sorry if stupid question, am not familiar with this.
  3. Yes i agree with your sentiment generally, just saying, in order to remove that protection and successfully sue, you would probably have to prove Jay Clayton had malicious intent or took bribes from Goldman Sachs, or whatever. Many of government activities are disagreeable, I'm not arguing that
  4. It's not 'what I think', it's a fact, and I answered your question, about the US. Maybe Holland hasn't sovereign immunity for gov entities but that's irrelevant, the SEC isn't Dutch. I too didn't like sovereign immunity as a concept, but that's also irrelevant as to your question...
  5. I think to sue a gov commission you'd have to prove bribery or other corruption led to their actions, otherwise they have https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_immunity_in_the_United_States
  6. "Chris and I had the option to settle separately. We could do that, and it would all be behind us. NOT happening. That’s how confident Chris and I are that we are right. We will aggressively fight – and prove our case – through this case we will get clear rules of the road for the industry here in the U.S. We are not only on the right side of the law, but we will be on the right side of history." https://ripple.com/insights/the-secs-attack-on-crypto-in-the-united-states/ Looks like they could have paid and moved on, but decided to force the issue. Interesting...
  7. There's only news articles stating the SEC allegedly planning to do that(2019), I didn't find any official statement to verify that. https://www.trustnodes.com/2019/07/30/sec-to-run-bitcoin-ethereum-xrp-nodes
  8. Thats not true, there are other paths, but it doesn't matter, the still contested election isn't topic of this thread, we should limit politics talk to the SEC issue.
  9. ... Yes check out flr.finance, although they look a bit shady (to me), it's a start. And pipelining BTC's slow fat butt is absolutely a use case. Adoption remains to be seen, many retail crypto people are biased by ideologies, but I have a feeling FlareNetworks, like Ripple, have a different target audience. I've seen some of the XRP FUD brought up against Flare already, like the large amount held by FlareNetworks and their foundation, also seen people saying Flare would replace XRP.... yawnnnnn.
  10. I thought the same, because not only can existing Eth projects easily be ported to Flare & be ran parallel, to benefit from Avalanche consensus and the fact that they don't need to lock up capital for securing transactions... additionally by issuing F-Assets for other blockchains that are incompatible with smart contracts, that's ca. 75% of other coins, they allow for huge competition, where the best may succeed. At least that's the potential I can see, but I'm not competent to predict the future adoption. From the profit perspective, Spark will be demanded as collateral for all F-assets, but only XRP holders got the airdrop, future blockchains added would have their users buy Spark from the market. And there are already services popping up, delegation pools, where we can provide our Spark, which wouldn't leave our wallets, to be used as collateral, participating in FTSO and governance. The whole picture seems like a big deal.
  11. They answer questions in discord or telegram, I also didn't get a reply from the contact form (in hindsight I must admit my question was a bit stupid so never mind) You can update the messagekey, the state connector nodes make that a part of Flare once the network launched. If you need answers, try here: https://flare.xyz/flares-presence/ (discord seems most active)
  12. Oh I just saw Ripple's XRP isn't counted as circulating supply, anyway, I'll stick to my number, and since I have a small stack on Bitrue, I'll know soon when I got the IOU token amount.... we'll see ¬¬
  13. ^^ haha my guess was around that too, so I'll now say HIGHER... 1:1.33 Most big exchanges are on board, but there's the 6.4B XRP held by Ripple according to https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance,that needs to be "re-distributed"... By the way I'm lurking since long and always liked your calm, positive, common sense viewpoints. Thanks for that, it helped during bear market when most people were Doomers.
  14. Forgot to mention the non-participating exchange wallets, those affect ratio too. We will have to wait for an announcement. Or do the math from the issued IOU's end of December. And Jeds share goes to reward pool instead. A bit messy because the older FAQ wasn't updated to reflect that
  15. Yes until June 11th... https://blog.flare.xyz/spark-claim-guide/
  16. Until 12th December 110k accounts with 23.5 billion xrp were claiming, affecting scarcity of circulating supply if it stayed low but not the ratio.
  17. Only Ripple reserves in the circulating supply and some ex employees like the co-founder are stripped, affecting the ratio. Everything that exceeds 1Billion of whales holdings, and known scammers have their share pur into a reward pool for agents starting to utilize the network. If people don't claim their share, it'll be burned in June. Some exchanges assign people IOU's according the ratio and their 15% share, so it'll be public soon what the ratio is.
  18. It's a nice gift and gesture, I don't like the design but I'll look for one for myself, so thanks ^^
  19. I'm not sure it would make XRP outdated, XRP has its other use cases and ecosystem, the Flare network is called utility fork of XRP, because it adds functionality, and will be symbiotic. It seems more likely that it would/could take marketshare from Ethereum network, everything built on Ethereum can be ported easily to Flare, and devs could run 2 versions. Flare uses avalanche consensus, which scales better, and Ethereum VM. So it's like a mix of the ethereum platform and xrp stats/specs, has speed and is cheap (to run smart contracts). Flare has a huge supply though. Need to stack more....
  20. It solves the problem of 75% of other blockchains/coins not being compatible with smart contracts. XRP is only the first to use Flare to issue and redeem F-Assets, but many more can have their own F-system. It also solves scalability issues Eth for example has.
  21. https://bitrue.zendesk.com/hc/en-001/articles/1500000229441
  22. How is it relevant for Ripple IPO when it's a different network, not owned by Ripple, and they are also excluded from the Spark airdrop? I agree that Spark seems to have nice specs and scalability and tons more use cases than xrp at the moment (potentially). So I'm excited about it...
  23. If you want to benefit from Spark airdrop, you will need to have your XRP either in a participating exchange or in a wallet, for the latter you need to set a messagekey pointing to an eth-compatible address, while participating exchanges distribute the token to you according to the share you're eligible to receive. Hope it helps, maybe use search function for more detailed info.
  24. Let's not derail the topic, I will try to answer that in pm later, but generally don't take anyone's word for it, do your own research.
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