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  1. Here's all the "value" in the world. Quadrillions in real estate, derivatives, commodities, cash, bonds. This is what Evan Schwartz means by "All. The. Money." DTL, ODL, NFTs, XRP. XRP at $35,000 is $3.4 quadrillion, enough to cross-transfer the value of everything, which it doesn't have to, but physically could. Obviously this doesn't happen overnight, all these assets have to be NFT'd first anyway onto blockchains, probably year(s) away. The same as saying BTC is going to be $56,000 but back in 2012 when it was trading at $3.00, laugh until it happens. $100,000 BTC, $1,
  2. Sounds ridiculous but when you look at the XRP log chart, the Fib shows exactly that. Bro, XRP hasn't even started to pump to the upside of the Fib yet until it hits ATH again, 1 on the Fib chart (~$2.90-3.50). For any of you who missed @JamesRuleXRP interview, the interviewee makes a similar 'prediction'. He's of the opinion that if CBs all agree XRP is going to be the standard, it'll top out around $10k-35k. I think he's implying this would be the range without XRP/FXRP being used in smart contracts/NFTs/derivates. Basically a full Fib extension filled ~$35,000/XRP. Personal
  3. If this is true....karma is a b!tch. What a snake you'd have to be to do that. How else would the SEC get private client-privileged info from Ripple's lawyers?? My opinion of The Last Jed-i McCaleb only seems to go in one direction; Mt. Gox implosion-> XRP dumping -> SEC informant
  4. The only thing smoking was the SEC, taking a huuuuuuuge bong rip before they dreamed up this lawsuit
  5. There should be common sense against using precedent from laws that were written before xyz tech even existed being applied to case law in 2020. Those people barely had color TV's when that case law decision was written, it's almost irrelevant. They're really grasping at straws with their logic, I get the idea but it's still stupid. This is why they gave Clayton the boot early, he dragged his feet the entire time he was at the SEC, not willing to pass XRP through the rule-making body at all during his time there. I mean the SEC met with Ripple on a regular basis apparently, like, c'
  6. I understand the whole "investment contracts" angle they're trying to float. Also if the asset is not a security, then how can buying/trading it be selling a security? Like just makes no sense. The asset would have to be a commodity or currency, whatever. Vitalik says on video straight up they used BTC=>ETH sales to fund Ethereum development. By all logic, Ethereum should have been listed in this lawsuit as well. If BG and CL sold securities, so did Vitalik, so get him in the line up as well. If they charge BG and CL with unregistered security sales, Vitalik needs to be next, so b
  7. This is exactly what they're saying, in their exact words, which is why everyone is laughing at them for even filing it. Since 2013....what is wrong with these morons? Coinbase didn't list XRP until 2018(??) but that was OK, now it's not? C'mon SEC, really....
  8. With this logic, this is the very definition of Jed McCaleb, yet he goes unscathed. Took his 'free' 9 billion and tried to dump on all holders, majorly affecting price, enriching himself while not giving back to the XRP investors and forcing an almost extortionate agreement to allow him to become a literal billionaire selling his 'securities'. He should be in court right alongside Ripple by any fair reasoning. This cherry picking targets is non-sense. Justice for all or none.
  9. I'll take $5k of $0.005/XRP please. Yes Sir, may I please have another, sir? To think at one point you could get a million XRP for less than a long night at a strip club... Now it costs you half a mil. and we ain't even on the moon yet.
  10. Long before my time in crypto but r-e-s-p-e-c-t for hanging on after the most epic FUD of all time. This must have been long before BG built out Ripple to be what it is today, much, much more uncertain at that time. Part of the reason I got into XRP was because of Ripple's effort, aside from the minerless tech. And OMFGD $0.0018/XRP...I'd die to have had a shot at those prices...I'd have literally millions of XRP today. I've never met Jed but you can tell what kind of person he is by his actions. I laughed at the SEC lawsuit and bought the dip just out of spite. I might never sell now t
  11. You can't prosecute someone on financial intent typically, but did hear that Jed tried to dump his entire stash of 9 billion all at once before the Ripple board took legal action against him; he can only sell so much per month until it's all gone. If anyone is using XRP as a cashcow dumping scheme, it's Jed. When all is said and done he's probably made close to $2-3 billion in dumping XRP; dca of like $0.25/XRP hypothetically. People complain about BG & CL's $600 million or whatever it was, pffft, Jed has sold 2-3x that. If there's anyone to be mad at, it's Jed, single-handedly t
  12. Should have put a 0.000012 XRP vs 0.0459 ETH in transaction fees over each respective one. Keep letting those miners price-gouge their Ethereum user base.
  13. The old Japanese proverb: He who chases two rabbits catches neither. Traditionalist would say diversity is for after you're filthy stinking rich. After you hit +7 figures liquid, then you can stockpile precious metals, buy real estate, invest to live off the interest, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sure you can get lucky in crypto these days with pump & dumps, but as a life strategy, it's probably a net loss.
  14. Is it just me or do IRAs and 401ks come off as a kinda lazy man's excuse to get skimmed of by the gooberment and bankster friends? Sure tax-free is nice but your capital is locked up for years and you have to trust someone else not to f*ck it up. I mean you're essentially 'forcing'/enticing people to plow their fiat in to an IRA which is backed by a propped up stock market run by manipulation just to not be taxed by the government. It's such a circle j3rk handoff.... Gooberment IRS: Do this to help our Wall Street friends or we'll tax you anyway. And for crypto-IRAs,
  15. They got ballz or billions, leaving Lambos and 'Raries in the driveway. How can you afford supercars but not a garage to store them in?
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