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  1. @Julian_Williams The crypto spectrum is a fractal hologram, multiverse environment - and it's painted for us every night. And by the time we wake up every morning we live it again. Liquidity is not private, testnets are.
  2. I'm assuming you're asking this as a rhetorical question so do you have more context on the claim?
  3. [Does some microdosing] [Pulls out the encyclopedia to freshen up on Non-Abelian geometry] I guess you're right. I wouldn't want my dishwasher analyzing the digital asset market in an AI-weaponized world. It might obtain market memory and start a dishwasher currency war between country A and country B. As Benoit Mandelbrot points out in Misbehavior of Markets, Bachelier applied physics equations of how heat molecules spread to probabilities on the movement of bond prices. So some dystopian kid state actor some day is gonna crack after too many WarGames viewings and figure out ho
  4. Well as I said I was kind of being facetious about the transhumanist use case. I was not being facetious about M2M pre-loaded wallets, etc. But for the brain space as you call it, I would choose XRP over BTC and ETH. More 'transactions' happen in a single human brain's activity than any market in the world. Also, what if you use the latter two and there's a fork ; )
  5. I concur, selling brain signals, inputs, and outputs OTC would probably be end game. Wouldn't mind having my dishwasher do a crypto M2M loan with my dryer however, and as stated above by @Valhalla_Guy, add human capital amidst the transformation. Maybe the handyman has a few Series licenses in the future to be able to fix an outage. Still think @LetHerRipwill get nightmares from this thread and close his short if he's not taking jellyfish memory supplements already.
  6. NJ - I'm a big fan of Charlie Munger and his "missed cognitions" philosophy these days so no drugs here. Maybe too many fish oil pills but that's about it. Too many liquid omegas - might need an implant to remember Stir Crazy quotes some day. Interesting point about those parents. Even Bill Gates said something along the lines of it's pretty arrogant for the wealthy to focus on longevity when there are still areas of the world with malaria and tuberculosis. I believed him until your point; makes me question now. This isn't They Live is it? I hope not. Vitalik Buterin seems to take a
  7. --- Skip Donahue: What are you doing? Harry Monroe: I'm gettin bad. You better get bad, Jack cause if you ain't bad you're gonna get f**ked. --- Hey don't shoot the messenger @NightJanitor . That is just what popped into my brain wallet after watching the documentary. Truthfully I was trying to perform Inception on @LetHerRip and melt his brain with transhumanist XRP use cases:
  8. Watching an interesting documentary - The Future of Work and Death - from epix channel here in the US. Discusses the convergence of, you guessed it, technology, work, and death. Discusses what jobs/industries will be computerisable in the future (the answer is most). Made me wonder if ODL --> IOV is positioning for AI and machine efficiency through XRP. We will need a social system in place to handle the influx of technology that removes human jobs, and therefore I see XRP being positioned as a bridge to not only liquidity and value but human capital. Essentially by making th
  9. I didn't realize that about Romero but that's brilliant if true.
  10. Zombies might not be the ghoulish movie types we're used to. Could just be unemployed and pissed people in 2021 and beyond.
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