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  1. Hi @enej I appreciate the prompt reply. Just sent you a message with the information you requested. Thanks, Martinzes
  2. Hi guys, I know that for Gatehub specific problems I should go to their website and/or write to their support. Fine. The issue is that I have done both, multiple times, and they never answer me. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?? It has been a month since I did a bank transfer of euros to my Gatehub account, and the money still has not arrived, so getting pretty desperate now. Would be nice if you have any tips that might help on how to deal with this. Starting to think I might lose the money... Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I have done a transfer from my Revolut account in Euros to my Gatehub account using the bank transfer option. In the past, I followed the exact same process twice and everything worked, received the money in my gatehub account within 3 days. This time, it has been 5 days and the euros did not arrive (as a note I did a fast transfer for which I paid 6 euros, and the expected arrival date of the funds was the 23rd of May). Gatehub support does not answer me, as always, ridiculous service btw, and I am not sure how to solve the problem as I am 500 euros down. Anyo
  4. Hi guys, I have been trying to transfer my XRP balance from my Gatehub wallet to my Bitstamp wallet however, every time I try doing that (using the option "make a payment") I get an error saying insufficient balance, no matter what amount I enter. I am obviously not trying to transfer more than what I have, and have tried contacting Gatehub's support multiple times with no answer so far hence, reaching out to the community to see if I can get some help. Thanks!
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