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  1. Zeus Capital has been in a mission to bring down Link and exposing their fraud. Go to Zeus Capital website and you will be a lot of articles about Link.
  2. Thanks for clarification. That gives me confidence to holding XRP long. I generated a Yi Jing chart and asked if the Ripple court case will be dismissed on August 26, and the answer is YES. That was when I decided to purchase XRP. I also generated another chart to ask if XRP will last 10 years down the road. The answer is YES it will grow. Still, it scares me when reading a lot of negative news and comments. I am a web application developer but I don't know anything about crypto coding. I feel that one has to know crypto coding in order to really understand how xrp and other crypto working to see which one has solid foundation. After that one will not get rattled by pump and dump news and comments. It's just my stupid opinion. I am in the search of voice of wisdom in the crypto world to learning.
  3. No wonder XRP prices doesn't go up much and keeps hovering. He must have a lot of anger when he left. It looks like he is in a mission to destroy XRP. I could be wrong. However, if he thinks XRP future is bright, he would have held until it at least reaches $1, isn't it?
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