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  1. Been on this ride since late 2013. I'm stubborn and not going anywhere. Let it ride.
  2. This is a change in CEO to someone who has been with the organization (and understands the business) - sounds fine to me. Happens quite a bit with tech companies. Often times done to bring in someone whose skills are better suited for where the company is at that point in their life; startup guy versus someone who can scale and grow the business for example.
  3. The more the merrier. At this point they need as many as possible coming in board.
  4. And they definitely don't want their competition to get the jump on them.
  5. After all these years I'm really starting to get excited.
  6. This is fantastic news. In order to grow and expand a startup it takes tons of money. At the end of the day, they aren't turning a profit yet so this will help keep the lights on.
  7. Should be interesting to hear how they position the company and where things are headed.
  8. Love it when tech executives are able to describe their technology in easy, laymans, terms.
  9. The fact that theory has become reality is starting to validate what we (the believers) have been waiting for. So much good news my head is going to explode.
  10. Excellent news. I recall seeing an article a couple months ago about Ripple opening an office in London. Guess the demand is real.