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  1. Thanks for the response! So it seems at least I am not the only who doesn't understand the process? Ripple (the company) simple chooses who is on the dUNL based on an unknown criteria currently? I am as big a fan of XRP and the XRPL (and have much skin in the game investment-wise), however I couldn't find any resources on this topic hardly.
  2. What exactly are the criteria for a validator to be added to the dUNL list to obtain voting rights? It seems Ripple controls who is on/off this list and there is no decentralized mechanism to become a dUNL validator? Why is this? I’ve seen this post by Rippleitin.nz detailing out the process that was involved prior to his validator being included on the default list -- https://coil.com/p/rippleitinnz/dUNL-Transparency-/6Y2GkMjg Can anyone provide any additional documentation? It seems David Schwartz also posted this Twitter chain yesterday (07/16/20): https://twitter.com/JoelKatz/status/1283938459682398208?s=20
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