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  1. FWIW, Bitnuk responded stating that they are in a partnership with Xrp2card OÜ. However, I'm having a bit of trouble determining the legitimacy of Bitnuk AG itself. There doesn't seem to be much discussion anywhere about this exchange. One short thread on bitcointalk doesn't sound too good and it looks like the Android app only has around 10 downloads.
  2. Thank you. I emailed Bitknuk so hopefully they respond. I rarely see scams with such thorough documentation as seen here: https://xrpnet.ch/legal/termsOfUse
  3. The more digging I do the more I'm leaning towards this being a scam but I really don't know for sure. I was hoping Bitknuk would respond about whether or not they are associated with this site/company but no response yet. The person associated with Xrp2card OÜ, Pavel Kuzmin, is also associated with all of these companies which also seems strange to me: LINZOCRYPTO OÜ, EXCHANGE COIN CAPITAL OÜ, STERODA BEHEER OÜ, SUPRAEXCHANGE OÜ, ROAMITECH OÜ, RELIABILITYSTABILITYINCOME OÜ, ALADIEXEXCHANGE OÜ, ETH2CARD OÜ, NUXESE GROUP OÜ, SWIVETOR OÜ, ASSET TOKENIZATION SERVICES OÜ, RIFINEX OÜ, XR
  4. I found this site earlier today. Has anyone heard of this company or know any more about it? Documentation seems to mention only other digital assets: buy and sell Quantum Coin or Bitcoin (herein “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency”). transfer cryptocurrency and fiat currency to other Members and to non-members who must become Members prior to withdrawing such cryptocurrency or fiat money. exchange FIAT for various currencies. open IBAN bank accounts. order Mastercard prepaid debit cards. The platform might offer its users to trade precious metals including gold,
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