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  1. @at3n Thanks for the answer. The votes started 0524 as I know. So, If it doesn't reach the 80%, The vote will be opened up to 0607 ? (2 weeks from 0524) I wonder I should upgrade nodes unitil (maximum) 0607 or not.
  2. Hi, I'm operating rippled servers and were informed that rippled upgrade is needed to v1.7.2 (https://xrpl.org/blog/2021/rippled-1.7.2.html) Let me know when the deadline is in date? I confused it will be needed right after the voting or 2 weeks after the voting. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, y'all. I'm reading the doc about 'reliable transaction submission' (https://xrpl.org/reliable-transaction-submission.html) and wonder why I need 4s to wait. 1. How is the '4s' calculated? 2. Can't it be shorter? Thanks in advance.
  4. @Hero_Member, @tulo Thanks for the answers. I realized what the code 'tesSuccess' means 'broadcast successfully' and what I shoulda checked the tx validation with a hash. Can you explain in what circumstances could the validation fail? (especially, by terms of network problem like peer count, fire wall, whatever) I mean, I want to know the potential cause in advance. Thanks for getting help every time
  5. I got answered the result code "tesSucess" means 'preliminary' result, not definite, from the link below. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/36628-about-ledgerhistoryerr-mismatch-from-rippled/ And I found out some transaction responsed the "tesSuccess" got failed actually on the testnet. So, Can I find any ways to check if the transaction is broadcasted or not when I got the code "testSuccess"? Can I find wiki or docs about that? Thanks in advance.
  6. @mDuo13 Thanks for the great helpness. Could you please advise on the following questions? 1. Is there any way to check if the transaction is broadcasted or not when get a response having code "tesSuccess". Is there kind of differences between the two responses? 2. Can I find web pages for help? kinda explaining about preliminary result, validators... whatever Thanks in advance.
  7. @nikb @mDuo13 Thanks for your answers. @mDuo13I've never experiences like network problem so far. but I figured out the port 51235 is not in whitelist. @nikb @mDuo13 The things I've experienced unexpected result is on the submit(). From what I have inspected that server with @JungChaoS so far, 1. When try to do submit(), then got a result with code "tesSuccess". but the transaction(hash : 47C25210B95D1DB1BE7F9516B37B3614476DCF30AB782FF5B59CCFC2720B6906) is not found in ledgers. (testnet) 2. So, We checked the rippled's log printed on that time near, found tha
  8. Hi all, I'm operating three XRP full nodes for our service. I had made a raw transaction having the base fee as 10drops, and then submitted and got failed with an error message "insufficient base fee". The base fee value depends on the load of the node as I know. but when I checked the logs of the nodes, cannot find any evidence of the heavy load. Are there any reasons or factors for the elevation of the base fee? Can I find the queue's status in a log file (debug.log) or in anything? Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm considering to use the param 'LastLedgerSequence'. Super Thanks.
  10. Thank you for your kindess. But I still have a question about the your answer. you were like the transaction goes in queue when its sequence is bigger than the next sequnce. yes, I agree. After trying submit the transaction, but the 'account_info' with that account returned "queue size is zero". Furthremore, tried to sbumit an another transaction having right sequence, two transactions (seq, seq+1) were broadcasted. Do you let me know where was the transaction (seq+1)? It wasn't queue. Thanks.
  11. Hello, everyone. I'm developing the codes calling various APIs of the 'rippled' on several servers. I have some questions to keep idempotency of my service. there are 5 questions below. Sorry for my long-winded questions. - When I got 'ter_QUEUED' 1. the rippled is in retry process for 10times. Can I change the number of retry? How long times or What period of that? 2. The only way to know the result of queued transaction, Just pulling the tx result from rippled if it gets validated or dropped? - When I tried to submit a transaction having sequ
  12. Thanks @mDuo13 and @yxxyun. All responses are very helpful to me. I have one more thing to ask about the RETRYING of the rippled. I found the docs from the github(https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/release/src/ripple/app/misc/FeeEscalation.md#other-constants). It says the rippled server do retry for 10 times and then dropped it. Should I change the number of retry? If I wanna know if the queued transactions get failed or not, Should I do polling 'account_info' periodically to check the status of them? + Could I check the signed transacti
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