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  1. Hello folks, i went to the World Digital Asset Summit earlier this month in SF, during lunch time, there was an empty seat at the table, so David Chaum came and sat next to us. At first i didn't know who he was, he sounds very nice and we started talking about what we do, etc. So we told him that we would like to introduce Blockchain to the general public (non-technical folks) in San Jose, and he said he would like to speak at the event, and he wouldn't mind flying from LA to SJ airport. So now we are organizing the event to invite him in 2019. i would welcome any ideas/suggestions to make it a fun and informative event to attract people to the Blockchain world.
  2. I read this Quora, Marius Kramer, he is not an xrp fan, anyway he says that : We can also still hit 85% retracement, to hit the average retracement, which would land us at $3,000.Usually, I would say this can happen, but we have 23 mainnet launches on December 31st while there are usually only 3 mainnet launches in an entire month usually and we have BAKKT on January 24th coming up.Those 3 events will probably shake things up quite a bit. I am assuming mainet means bitcoin fork , so whenver there is btc fork, btc price drops?
  3. yupe, the Audi R8, lower the price, it was over $200K last year, and this year starting about $120K
  4. so we can deposit US$ and convert into xrp here, under fees section , there is no xrp fee. All other crypto assets are there.
  5. on a side note, fyi, there will be another conference BEF Blockchain June 16-20 in SF, for those who are interested, you might want to register to follow live.
  6. Or we can have someone as like Hodor posts his articles pro-XRP on Forbes.
  7. I remember one time the CEO of SBI tweeted that xrp will be at $100 later in 2018, so Hodor's projection $90 seems within the range , ?, i am so pumped, i hope i won't get a heart attack by then.
  8. btw, you still have to pay taxes with gambling winnings, ( like when you won some money at the slot machines)
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