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  1. RRO, HV, PP, are those vaccines ? If you would give the actual names, I would be very interested to learn more. Thanks!
  2. Maybe, but this series of videos isn't that different from what LFC did with his documentary, and I think it's worth watching.
  3. In the same style, cryptobear's series of 20 videos is amazing, really tremendous work. #Ripple #XRP Global Takeover by 2020 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxqm1gZcf1hvC9HAJK-MvHfRBfwBsDvWP
  4. Thanks! I thought about that too, but when I tried it I got an error message, something about url data size limit...
  5. I figured it out ! Use it the same way you get the current price : =importxml("https://coinmarketcap.com/", "//*[@id=" & CAR(34) & "id-ripple" & CAR(34) &"]/td[7]") It pulls data from the homepage, which explains why coins like gnosis or civic don't appear as they're not in the top 100
  6. I believe it's a feature that allows you to round up every transaction to the upper number, and save the extra money in your vault, which can be in xrp. Say you pay 8.5 at the store, your card is debited for 9 but it sends 0.5 in your vault. Sure you could do it on your own but this does it for you, every time. Pretty cool
  7. Thanks OP for this thread ! Maybe I'm missing something, but at this point doesn't revolut seem the best option? You could move your xrp there, convert to Euro and then transfer to another bank account. Wouldn't that get rid of some heavy KYC ? Just asking, I'm not actually sure it would be that simple.
  8. Stuart sure seems amazing, although I have one question : why would someone so rich try so hard not to change anything in their lifestyle ? If you like your life the way it is, especially if you're a minimalist, why have so much money ? I'm not talking Lambos here, but I can think of many many good things to do with such a fortune...
  9. It's not even about what coin is superior to another, it's about being open to different ideas (btc for instance) and showing respect. I've heard Peter Saddington talk outside of his youtube videos, he seems as honest a person as you and me, I don't understand why he would deserve such aggressive comments like in this thread.
  10. How many of you would be able to change your mind on bitcoin ? The mote and the beam...
  11. Allow me to think they chose their words on purpose... if I'm not mistaken they advocate for a dlt in which a central authority selects trusted nodes, and if you acknowledge that's not how xrp ledger works, then I don't see how this would benefit it. I agree that btc fans want to make ripple look like a "centralized database", but that's just not true, so the fight isn't just about image.
  12. I'll add that permission has nothing to do with speed, scalability, energy consumption... xrp is fast, cheap, scalable AND permissionless. This paper isn't any good either for btc or xrp imho
  13. Guys, I'm reading every day twitter fights about whether or not xrp ledger is permissionned, and people up to jk himself argue that it's not, which I believe to be true (anyone can run a rippled node)... Are we sure we want to brag about this paper ? Of course BIS wants a permissionned one, I'm just not sure that's for our own good
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