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  1. HBAR has been pretty anemic recently so I understand the move. It is right up against support, however, so I am looking (hoping) for a rebound here.
  2. Always hard to predict, but I wouldn't be dismayed if it dips down to test the lower support again. On the other hand, it could completely rocket up from here. There is no bearish interpretation to this chart.
  3. It's been a little while since I've posted an XRP chart, figured i'd check in. Looks like a very bullish consolidation while the long term averages catch up after the first big move. So happy to see the long term hodlers finally rewarded for their faith. More good things to come, but I am kind of expecting for BTC to finally wake up and make a move of its own, which may put the altcoin rally on hold.
  4. A lot of people think we have only a few more months left in this bull cycle. The timing, to me, is unclear. What I am banking on, and what I am hoping I will be able to recognize, is the parabolic blow off top at the end. Like 2-3 weeks of straight up ending in a violent crash. There are clues on the chart but its always hard to call in real time. But when everything goes vertical, its best to be wary. When "normies" around you start talking about swapping DeFi tokens, get ready to get out.
  5. It is and it just broke out. Now, its a short time frame chart, so the breakouts tend to be much more fickle. But yes, looking like another break to the upside is imminent. I am suffering of rather severe ZerpFOMO...
  6. For comparison, take my favorite alt right now, HBAR. After a similar (but MUCH shorter) consolidation, it has currently gone 7x since the breakout and I think it is just getting started. Translated to XRP, that would be like $4.50 or so on the initial move. And, as noted above, XRP consolidated for a lot longer, so the move could (should) be even more exaggerated.
  7. It's not a head and shoulders but it IS a massive consolidation period that has now broken out. I can't explain with words how bullish this chart looks. Well, maybe I just did. It's f'ing bullish.
  8. I was Master of Brain - in fact, this is the same account, just renamed. I flipped my XRP to BTC soon after COVID and then sold the remainder when the lawsuit was announced. So far, the flip to BTC was the right call, though I think being in XRP right now is the place to be. I don't want to flip my BTC back for tax purposes, since I am trying to hold long enough to get long term tax treatment. My alt position is HBAR now. I really wanted to buy XRP at $0.63 a few days ago when I was posting the charts of the imminent break out; I went so far as to deposit into Binance to b
  9. I was participating undercover :). The trolls became too overwhelming while XRP was in the dumps, I figure its safe to come out again.
  10. XRP needs to cool its jets and let the MA10 catch up. Consolidating very bullishly here. I think the next few weeks are going to be very rewarding for XRP holders.
  11. XRP holders have been surprised to the downside for the past 3 years. I think you all are about to be surprised to the upside for a change.
  12. Aaaaand there it is. Congrats to the hodlers.
  13. XRP riding the 10 day moving average toward breakout above $0.63. As long as the wider market stays neutral to bullish, I think you holders are about to be rewarded big time.
  14. It looks to be like XRP is about to blow up (in a good way).
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