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  1. Shhh...this is no place for facts. This is a place where a 100$ investment makes you a millionaire in a few moths. Surely not a way of empying the pockets of gambling adicted teens, young adaults and armchair revolutionaries, by the means of unethical and illegal trading practices like wash sales, pegging and fixing. If you can draw triangles, you're set for life. #wallstreetbonus#chinesenewyear#adoption#institutionalmoney#regulation#storeofvalue#the90┬░priceactionisasignofadoptionandgrowth
  2. Understandable. Crypto was a gamble for me anyway and i'm lucky enough to have a stable, good paying job in this troubling times and my savings plans and stocks/ETFs are untroubled. But even a gamble needs to have some returns and i had to correct my exit strategy since last time did not play out like anyone expected.
  3. I personally start at 0,6USD and will sell 50% off when we cartch upward momentum. This will atleast double my investment after tax and i dont think this scenario will play out as 2017. The stupid and institutional money already entered and mostly left this market. All thats left are whales exerting preasure.
  4. Curious how the crypto winter has changed the sentiment. Since many harcore holders already folded.
  5. And i'm time traveling Adolf Hitler wich makes me 131 years old. Isn't that beutiful. On the internet you can be anything. Even a teen or a rigth wing nutjob posing as a financial genius.
  6. Ok. I'll allow it. But don't come back asking for more pocket money after you've spend it all on your shiny coins. It's either a happy meal or shiny coins.
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