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  1. It's also easier with pocket change. You get a considerable stomach ache when doing it with 60k£ and the retraction you were betting on doesn't happen.
  2. This is solid advice. Thank you, people on forum.
  3. I thougth you blocked me honey. Not really surprised that your not following through. Pseudointellectual dimwit.
  4. Jesus Christ. Here we go again with the cognitive dissonance.
  5. If you havent purchased stock via EqityZen or one of the actual investors, none of the people here are investors. You are speculators.
  6. Will this event be at the same time as the Chinese new year?
  7. Oh look...someone that actually finished his Macroeconomics curriculum. What's your profession if i may ask?
  8. Are recent news of the reduced ODL Volume and in retrospect no major use case in the last 5 years an indicator if a failed product?
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