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  1. For thoses who still doubt about Payit... Push received this morning from my app : And please... Don't even think about "ok, it's moneygram but not proven Xrapid"
  2. This is not the case for the other currencies available in Payit
  3. No it's not. It was lauched before but updated. When you want to send money overseas, what are the 4 countries that they propose ? X rapid corridors. With 0 fees. And when you try to send to an another country. Bang : fees.
  4. I live in Dubaï and I can tell you that Payit starting to be something here. The governement wants the UAE to become the first cashless society. There are ads in cinemas and the internet incitating to use Payit here.
  5. I am too and I think you live in a movie... Whao... Calm down ! Just split your holdings and shut your mouth in real life. It's gonna be a good ride
  6. “As with all things, we will start with modest sums and add 0s as we progress. Come the end of the pilot there is no reason we shouldn't be making payments of a million dollars or more.” HAHAHAHAHHA. Come on baby !
  7. Still holding... From May 2017 and still buying more and more since. Def a life changing stack
  8. BTC : divisible by 8 digits (satoshis) XRP : divisible by 6 digits (drops) Your perception of the total available supply suddenly divided by 100 You’re welcome
  9. I hope you'll still be there at 100$ cause you make my HODL easy
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