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  1. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Ok, I think I'll have to bake some more baguettes

    Good job. Don’t hesitate to educate more. Explain, fight fud, show the technology, partners, etc... keep up the good work
  3. I never been so confident about an investment. Ever. I’m in by May 2017, and the more I read about Ripple, the more I’m convinced. Their strategy is so smart, their team so good, there’s NO WAY xrp doesn’t hit 500$ in near future. Stop with marketcap nonsense. This is crypto, and this is the biggest revolution since POSTMAIL vs EMAIL ! But, the problem solved is waaaaay bigger than that.
  4. Something is happening
  5. Here's how and why XRP will be used by banks

    Very good post that leads me to a question : Do we already know LP names ? is there already big players in position ? I saw really big buys back to late 2017 (in hundred of millions XRP). Could this be market markers related ?
  6. How much is enough?

    How did you became wealthy ? - by selling too early
  7. The Future Zerpening: 2020

    What the **** does JP morgan not invite Brad in their HQ for the 1000$ party ?
  8. Is it me or this is mainly positive? Yet.
  9. The Future Zerpening: 2020

    I did too
  10. The Future Zerpening: 2020

    In feb 5 2020, we'll all be dress like that : https://hodlmoon.com/ (except there's only one model available : Ripple)
  11. The Future Zerpening: 2020

    Guys, do you know an exchange where I can withdraw 10M$ with no verification ? I still have 18000 zerpies in an old paper wallet... So easy to forget when little amounts inside ! My bad 😛
  12. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Great vid ! wich platform did he use for his TA in this video please ?