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  1. Miguel Vias tweet: first institution uses XRP!

    Annnnnnd : Moon
  2. Dimension Data on BrightTalk

    Source ?
  3. Ripple Canadien-Français

    Hello à tous, Français pour ma part. Je détiens du XRP depuis début mai et je suis complètement looooong terme
  4. I didn't sell a single zerp but renforce at each corrections
  5. XRP meme competition?

  6. Scenario: XRP > BTC in Market share (???)

    Ok, I will be patient for 15 days
  7. This is just luck, or an exception ?

    I already read your post. Very good explanation
  8. Scenario: XRP > BTC in Market share (???)

    The craziest thing is... When the market cap will be bigger than BTC, news will be released over and over, participating to become a little more mainstream. XRP hater will think : "ok, this is the new BTC, go !" and momentum could continue (excuse my poor english)
  9. This is just luck, or an exception ?

    Thank you... But that's not my point. I'm really aware of the investment pratices and don't ask for advices... Just trying to look further.
  10. I'm voluntary provocative but, look all the charts... I mean, all the other altcoin's charts. Since the end of April / start of May 2017, they all pumped hard. They all made +100%... +500%... etc. I do believe cryptos are in their early stage, and investments will flow more than that. I do believe this market is like the forex 3.0 and will far exceed all our projections, even if it's largest part could be speculation. I have no doubt that ripple is an amazing technology with great future, but... Look all the charts ! We are just another crypto. Your opinion ?
  11. Hello There !

    Thanks mate
  12. And if... Bitcoin alliance

    I was wondering... What if Bitcoin architecture, assuming his lack of speed / transaction validation process / competitive price / market dominance drop, decide someday to stop fighting but rally Ripple's solution... Any possibility of a win-win partnership or something ?