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  1. Facebook has a long success history of success. First Facebook, then Instagram, WhatsApp, plus they have a partnership with Spotify. I have no doubt this libra coin will be implemented in all of the above which is 2.5 billion users all together. I must agree with you Ripple's window is shrinking by the day from now on. And whoevery says XRP bridge currency bla bla bla, with this Libra coin there might not be a need of brige curreny very soon.
  2. Thats weird, few days ago when I checked XRP was there! The must have removed it...
  3. "Nobody wants to be first, but everybody wants to be second!" Somebody said that and it is so true regarding Ripple! Ripple are first and there is no exact manual... but the price when they succeed will be unimaginable. People like David Schwartz, Brad Garlinghouse, Chris Larsen and other people in Ripple and around the XRP ecosystem will go down in history. 100s of people at Ripple work FULL TIME giving their best to make sure everything goes according to plan and if something goes wrong or not as intended they are very quick to adjust and get back on course even stronger. They are also hiring people all the time (Currently 50+ job openings) regardless if it is bull or bear market. They have offices all over the world in constant contact with goverments FIs, FED, ECB, IMF and regulators. Basically Ripple is building this whole new game from the ground up and IMO Ripple is the biggest contributor for the advancement of Crypto as a whole. Now about XRP Competition? Non Existent currently! Bitcoin, despite being slow and unscalable until recently was perceved strongly and as the leader of crypto, but currently with the stupid hash wars credibility is almost lost. Ethereum also slower with all the uncertainty around the ICOs, the scalability issues, etc is also not competitive at the moment and for the foreseeable future. If you look top 10 on CMC what else is there? Stellar? Litecoin? BCH? Come on... XRP is the fastest, cheapest (transactions), most secure (never hacked) and scaleble asset out there. On the way to be also the most liquid asset. There is no competition for the use cases intended for XRP. All the incredibly smart people behind Ripple, Coil, the people developing Codius, Interledger Protocol are working towards a single goal of creating the base line of the Internet of Value and XRP will be used as a main asset. There is so much more to mention, but just imagine what is happening behind the scenes, which we still dont know! Personally I am very confident that the people working towards the success of XRP directly or indirectly are doing the right things at the right time with the right people to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. The OPs question is "Masterplan or burning a candle and pray" I see it as a "Which seat should I choose and salted or sweetened popcorn?" CaptainG
  4. There is difference between Partnership and Interoperability... Interoperability still possible.
  5. Yes, true. The good thing is all the mentioned solution will use XRP! Thats what we want after al...
  6. While working on their interbank payment system. Ripple are working also on a ForEx solution, micropayments solution, Smart contracts solution and many other solutions I believe...
  7. I am not sure if this is posted already, but I think it deserves attention! As per the creator of the XRP Tip Bot (https://twitter.com/WietseWind) There is a feature under development, which will allow writing and receiving checks on the XRP ledger! As per him, the feature is LIVE on testnet environment and he is expecting it to go LIVE in production environment soon (On the XRP Ledger) This is huge. Opens so much possibilities. Banks would love this as well. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0ndi_cAj3o&feature=youtu.be&t=14m23s
  8. Everything is just perfect! We can not expect to wake up one day and ripple and XRP to be everywhere. They are doing exactly the right things at the right time with the right partners. Everything will unfold nicely.
  9. Yeah, I am also monitoring the group. Nothing concerning. Just regular people, and crypto noobs. In general the groups helps the addoption of XRP.
  10. Also some GOOD NEWS. Trollbox on POLONIEX is indefinitely disabled... Thats very good for XRP as haters can not confuse people any more!
  11. I also noticed the point which OP noticed, that every time price tries to spike, rapid sales flood the order book. But I am almost sure that this is just wales trying to keep the price low. I will even speculate and say this is POLONIEX whales accounts inside trading which keeps the price low for some reason.. Either they do not want XRP to succeed at this point or they just want to control and PUMPs and DUMPs at this point. Also there is regular people just shorting XRP and bag holders selling at particular price. TBH I am not worried about this as it will get harder and harder for POLO to supress the price as more people are trading and more exchanges are trading XRP. Just to finish. No it is not JEB... It will all be good!
  12. Hey guys, I am very excited because I jsut bought a ham and cheese sandwich with my XRP!! My friend in the office have ordedred food for us by the phone and instead of me giving him cash I sent him the money for the sandwich via XRP, transaction was smooth and took a couple of seconds. He was very happy as well. We thought people will do this more and more as time passes.
  13. Actually the 4b+ XRP are now gone.. as they do not show up anymore on CoinMarketCap.com. At the moment it shows the old number: 38,249,335,400 XRP I dont know how accurate CoinMarketcap is...
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