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  1. Totally understandable, I respect your logic I'm going to give it a whirl with a ~2TB portion of the ledger in Docker on Debian 10.3 first and see how it runs.
  2. Thank you for the heads up. I have a bunch of Samsung PM863 3.84TB SATA SSDs that will cover this and hopefully allow for growth over 3 years. I was afraid it would be 20+TB by now. May I ask why you don't run your full node anymore? I see a thread below this one where its noted that @haydentiff sold all her XRP holdings and on her twitter feed it appears she shut her node down. Am I crazy for wanting to add a node right now? Thank you! I didn't know Docker was an option till I googled after your post.. It looks interesting, I might even try and put in a gVisor shim in for ad
  3. I have a reasonably powerful E-2146/128GB RAM server in a colo facility in Switzerland with the potential of SSD or SAS disks, and I'm considering putting it to use as a full history validator. I am directly connected to the major local IXPs and HE transit (with other transits indirectly connected) so also looking fine on the connectivity aspect. The rippled docs on xrpl.org were last updated with the ledger size in 2018.. Does anyone know the current size as of April/May 2020? No guesses, I will need to know how many and what size SSDs or SAS disks to buy for future capacity planning bas
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