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  1. Who's Competing with Ripple?

    Are you the author on this website?: https://ripplenews.tech/2018/02/09/whos-competing-ripple/
  2. SBI Virtual Currencies Exchange Using XRP!

    This will catapult xrp value imho. Is it already launched, the SBI VC? Somebody link to it?
  3. How Low Will We Go?

    I don’t get it. Few xrp’s in the sell side. Price can go up very fast when som big buyers... (buy/sell graph on poloniex)
  4. The Truth behind Ripple

    She had made a translation of an older english article...
  5. No wallet at the moment; on poloniex
  6. I hope that sia goes same way... :-)
  7. You forgot coming forks: bitcoin cash plus https://deeponion.org/community/threads/bitcoin-cash-plus-hard-fork-january-2nd-2018.8896/ bitcoin diamond http://m.hawaiinewsnow.com/hawaiinewsnow/pm_/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=od:0c4d8fmQ lol
  8. Is there a recording link? Any one else heard it?
  9. I d prefer 0.000000015 XRP 😂
  10. Funny that I see Dwolla is also mentioned. 5 years ago I read the 1st time about bitcoin after researching on dwolla. But I didn’ t buy any bitcoin 🙁. Now I have my portion xrp’s 😀
  11. SEPA instant payment

    Hmm, can an admin put this in “general discussion” topic?
  12. SEPA instant payment

    Launching Instant payment in Belgium 2018 is one of the headliners in news bulletin in Belgium today. But in november coming SEPA will launch it already. See link: https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/what-we-do/sepa-instant-credit-transfer Is this backed by Ripple and will this be announced on SWELL? Also found a reddit thread:
  13. Gatehub

    Site is extreme slow and don't succeed to trade ; accessing site by mobile
  14. Gatehub

    Something has to change with gatehub. It is not easy (read fast) accessible like now. Trying to sell some xrp ...