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    Rust Dev doing Blockchain and Quantum stuff. Formerly Chief Technical Officer of the Devbay, South Korea. Now back home and doing my own thing - running EnforSys, providing blockchain implementation and retail DeFi services.
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  1. That's a great question. Tx fees could be routed to a reserve fund which would be used to artifically "pin"/dynamically adjust the price of the frozen XRP at certain intervals. Even if the XRP dropped in value collateralization Delta (so to speak) would be kept in check thus preventing unwanted liquidations and many sleepless nights. Also, just as you incur a cost for holding options (Theta decay) you should incur a "cost" for freezing the XRP (?). The more you overcollateralize, the larger your reserve fund. DeFi: you could choose to do a number of things with your extra-collateral such as lending to people who are in danger of being undercollateralized. Loving this conversation.
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