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    Rust Developer. Formerly CTO @ Devbay, Busan, South Korea. Now back home and doing my own thing - running EnforSys, providing blockchain implementation and retail DeFi services.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this video. I really like his tone, and I will make sure to watch it to the very end. A community shrinking by 63%, that would be catastrophic for any project in this Industry. It's huge. All those people who are leaving, they are not coming back and they will do a huge disservice to Ripple in the form of negative publicity. As for me, I am (luckily) only 25% XRP, but I am waiting for the outcome of the trial to see what I will do with my bag. All the other projects I invested in this year have done well.
  2. ^^^^^^ Exactly! He gets it! He said it better than I could have Incentives! Reward the validators, reward the XRP holders. Reward programs (especially direct reward programs), in my experience, generate loyalty, excitement, make communities stronger. Personal anecdote: I'm an ex investment banker, and one thing we had drilled into us is that "You have to care", about your customers, your colleagues, your community, even if deep down you don't care at all. "You have to care". If the community (the Dragon that has to be tamed) feels that you don't care enough, it
  3. No, not at all like a security, the process would be more like: - Lock in XRP in a contract - Issue "priceless" (like the UMA protocol priceless tokens) governance tokens to XRP holder - XRP holder remains owner at all times, the tokens are just frozen if holder wishes to vote. - Voting process similar to what we see on Aragon. A priceless governance token is absolutely not a security. I do know this will never happen though. Just a nice thought experiment.
  4. I do think a tiny, tiny push (it wouldn't take much) on the IoT side would be greatly beneficial. Xpring acquired Logos and these guys do have IoT expertise (see screenshots) Totally possible to get payments going over a network like this one: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org
  5. Staking and lending should be a priority. Get these two things right and people will want to hoard XRP. There's a robust set of tools out there... it is possible to develop staking and lending solutions that would really benefit the XRP community as a whole. Kavalabs is working on XRP staking, but I think the more options the community has, the better
  6. Xrpmaybe, I want to respectfully ask the question: is it true that Ripple has the best tech? How did you come to that conclusion? The team has done a tremendous amount of work (great documentation too), however I'd like you to answer that question... I want to know what you really think about the Ripple stack and how it compares to other projects.
  7. However, Freedom Gundam, I have a low-cost, concrete idea that would be very easy to implement, and I think it would make XRP holders happy. Turn XRP into a governance token. (just an idea, but a feasible one, and very cheap!) 1 XRP = 1 vote. The Ripple DAO. Every XRP holder can have their say on matters pertaining to the company's future, resource allocation, acquisitions, development. Truly decentralized decision-making. We vote, the executive team executes and delivers. People who want to have a lot of weight in the decision making process would start buying and hoa
  8. Freedom Gundam, thank you for starting this thread. Here is my take. At the moment, there is no compelling reason to make XRP holders happy - otherwise the executive team would have said or done something about it already. It doesn't make sense from the business' point of view. The interests of Ripple as a company are not currently aligned with the interests of the XRP holder. That might change, but that's how it is right now. I really think it"s up to the community to organize itself to create and push solutions that will deliver real value to XRP holders. Why would s
  9. "Only when P2P wallet to wallet transactions are promoted and encouraged and the community developers work on the publics use will the interest from the individuals return." ^^^^^^ THIS. Personally, I would like to see more organic interest from developers, you know, devs who come by because they're curious and fascinated by the tech... I want to see more people building, fixing things until 1am just because they love the Ripple stack. There are some great devs in this community but I'd like to see even more involvement and a real, consistent effort by Ripple to spot, nurture an
  10. Yes, try Alfacoins, they handle XRP payments. That's what I use. Also https://xumm.community. And coinpayments? I just saw this on their site: https://www.coinpayments.net/supported-coins-ripple
  11. That's a great question. Tx fees could be routed to a reserve fund which would be used to artifically "pin"/dynamically adjust the price of the frozen XRP at certain intervals. Even if the XRP dropped in value collateralization Delta (so to speak) would be kept in check thus preventing unwanted liquidations and many sleepless nights. Also, just as you incur a cost for holding options (Theta decay) you should incur a "cost" for freezing the XRP (?). The more you overcollateralize, the larger your reserve fund. DeFi: you could choose to do a number of things with your extra-collateral
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