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  1. For over a month it started out as the “Wuhan virus”, with people from researchers to news outlets—including those inside China—referring to it as such. Then it was the “Wuhan coronavirus” and “China coronavirus,” and subsequently 2019-nCoV. Pretty smart people were calling it that, so they must have had an agenda or were to stupid to realize the impact. Finally, on Feb. 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave the disease an official name: Covid-19. Yes Trump continues to call it China Virus. Seems most people have an agenda for different reasons on naming this and it most likely not al
  2. for you to think that me being a "minority" that I would consider attacking someone whether a Trump supporter or not is a racist thought in itself. Just the way you refer to "minorities" is dismissive. " Not all "Minorities" go around thinking of attacking people because of their believes so to sum up "minorities" like you did is a shame. We are not animals. We stop from attacking people because we don't want to go to jail but otherwise would be cool attacking someone? What an absolute horrible way to think of people. I am an individual. What you are doing makes you pretty similar to what
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