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  1. I hope the mods don't lock this thread. This is the best entertainment I've had so far this year. I love performance art!
  2. ipinabox - i p in a box Well I thought it was funny!
  3. I have faith in XRP, I have no faith in you whatsoever!
  4. Man, i'm so drunk I'm starting to think it's becoming a problem.
  5. If Gasparino was 'making the whole thing up' while insinuating his source was @SEC_Enforcement, how long do you think it would take the SEC to shut him up and sue him?
  6. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I've always had the impression David refused the XRP handout, taking a salary instead and buying his XRP with his own money.
  7. Awesome post Ripple369! Thank you so much. I've been so engrossed reading posts on XRPchat for the last three years I'd completely forgotten what Ripple, XRP and the XRPL were all about.
  8. Over 570 posts of anger, despondency, repetition and refusal to take responsibility for his own actions. Yeah, that's worth celebrating! How tedious can you get?
  9. What would happen if @LetHerRip closed all his xrpchat accounts? Would you still be here?
  10. Jeez, when I think of all the times Euro Exim Bank has been trashed on this forum and now you, of all people, go and use them as a crutch to prop up your own crap!
  11. Western Union and Moneygram are not banks and, as far as I know, banks have not been given the green light. And, apart from what I have posted on XRPchat, how the hell would you know what I think? I have never mentioned anything about it being amazing or cost saving.
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