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  1. Haha
    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from bloodhound in Credible Crypto: XRP Is Poised To Outpace Ethereum (ETH) In the Next Bull Market   
    I clicked on this becauase I thought it said "XRP Is Poison". My bad
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    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to DirectorCoulson in Where are we now?   
    Brad garlington is well known for empty promises
    A huge partof the community is still waiting for major banks eoy 2017-2018-2019 and now 2020
    A ceo should not tweet if he doesn't have something to announce. Simple
  3. Haha
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to FineSir in XRP Profit Calculator   
    Some of us could use a XRP 'loss - calculator' 
    Just sayin
  4. Haha
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to Riccardo8891 in XRP Profit Calculator   
    I've been following RippleLabs and XRP since 2017. I am not usually very active on forums or Social chats but I am trying to use my skills to give back to the community and maybe get some new ideas on the way.
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    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to TiffanyHayden in Xpring invested projects   
    Schrödinger’s cat is out of the bag. I saw who wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because they care about the network and it’s just a few people who are mostly volunteers. 
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    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to TiffanyHayden in Xpring invested projects   
    Says Larsen: “You give [XRP] away for free, and you give it away in a way that’s super easy to use. Then I think the merchants come with that.”
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    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to TiffanyHayden in Xpring invested projects   
    "If we could immediately distribute all the Ripple credits that we want to distribute equally to everyone in the world, we would," Ripple CEO Chris Larsen says in a phone interview. OpenCoin intends to give away over 55 billion XRP through giveaways.
  8. Thanks
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to TiffanyHayden in Xpring invested projects   
    Ripple originally promised to giveaway 55 billion XRP, but that’s no longer a thing. 

  9. Haha
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to ADingoAteMyXRP in Xpring invested projects   
    This thread is making me more and more confident in my investment. The arguments being tossed out against XRP are some of the weakest sauce I’ve tasted.
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    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to TiffanyHayden in Xpring invested projects   
    Oh, and the reason Ripple hasn’t made any commitments to XRP holders is because that would make it a security. 
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from stickynoodle69 in CBDC's / Stable coins - why do we need XRP for these?   
    CBDCs have the same backing as banknotes, coins and central bank reserves, the promise of the government to accept them as payment
    Stable coins can be backed by central bank reserves, funds in bank accounts or a bunch of lies and fantasies.
    XRP would bridge the two CBDCs in exactly the same way as any other foreign exchange transaction but inroducting another layer of market risk and cost
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from thinlyspread in Lessons Learnt from Partnerships   
    R3 had an optin to buy  5 Billion at a low rate (pre moon). Heard they settled out of court for a few hundred million XRP. Which gave R3 a powerful incentive to talk up price of XRP,  through things like making the Corda Settler (any real world usage?) use XRP
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in Top Analyst: XRP Is Poised For Massive Move as Bitcoin (BTC) Gathers Momentum for $14,000   
    There have been so many "top analysts" who made he same prediction. Can we make a list and make sure that everyone who got wrong is never referred to again as a "Top" anything?
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in Crypto Eri - News from the Far East   
    Elizabeth is clearly a very hard working lady but shouldn't this be in Press/Other?
    @karlos @xrphilosophy
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in Where's the progress?...   
    I firmly believe it is intentional. There is no regulatory barrier in the US to using XRP, look at the USD to MXN corridor.
    What they are scared of is going to court, having XRP declared a security and the having Brad and co criminally prosecuted for all those things he said which weren't true
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in ODL Dead? Failed Project?   
    this is about market makers, who need to buy XRP, then send it to another exchange, sell it, and then convert the cash back to their orginal currency. It does not take seconds and the final FX leg is not done using XRP.  Do you personally use XRP in money transfers? just curious
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in ODL Dead? Failed Project?   
    Nobody seemed to talk about this "flywheel" thing until Ripple made up the concept at the end of last year. Presumably as another excuse for the terrible price action.
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in Lessons Learnt from Partnerships   
    Well Flare is not live yet, and SBI has so far been hot air.
    What do you think are the lessons from any of these?
  19. Haha
  20. Haha
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to MisterRipple in Where's the progress?...   
    You didn't get the message I think.
    It's not about the price or investing.. it's about the overal progress XRP has made in the market (especially late 2019 and 2020).
    Price will follow if progress and "real utility" come into play, but price isn't the topic here.
  21. Confused
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to Kiir in Where's the progress?...   
    That's strange, I bought in March 2017. and all I see is good news, every now and then.
    I don't care about the current price, it's not a reflection of anything other than current demand from the general population.
    In grand scheme of things (if the plans work out), they (we) are just icing on the cake.
    The real game (and the only game, unless people start buying and bring the price into 2-3-4 digits on their own (lol)) starts with institutions, banks, companies, and so on, starting to use XRP.
    Until then, it's on my ledger, waiting. 1 year, 5 years, 10, 20, 50? I don't care. If and when they succeed, me, my children, or someone from my family will get rich cause of it.
    If the plans fail, well...who gives a f about X amount of money spent so many years ago. I spent what I considered immediately lost forever, so it's easy to wait.
  22. Confused
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to Babelly in Lessons Learnt from Partnerships   
    Excellent discussion!!!!
    Lets pick arguably the 3 lower end partnernships Ripple made and ignore the significant ones and then well have unbiased dialogue about it!!!!
    Thank God you started this thread.  Mods can you Pin this to the top, super important.  Glad your a member here.  Mind if i follow you for important updates?
  23. Thanks
    xerxesramesepolybius reacted to thinlyspread in Lessons Learnt from Partnerships   
    I actually used ZipZap back in the day! It was awesome! (Anyone remember GeckoCoin btw?!)
    WCG (GREAT idea, only poor execution). Got totally hacked and gamed. 
    The never-ending catastrophe that was (is still? Will never touch it again)... Gatehub!  (OK maybe not a strict partnership but it was "backed by" Ripple execs. The endless hacks, UX bugs, pointless half-finished features and complexity, broken promises like coin launches, basically zero liquidity, etc. 
    Gateways... just in general. Remember JustCoin?! SnapSwap (btc2ripple) etc. 
    No idea what happened to the 5 *BILLION* XRP to sweeten the R3 deal that ended up in court. 
    Fidor. Actually had an account with them. To be fair, they at least got Ripple their first bank on paper, even if it was totally useless.
    Ripula based out of London. Such potential. 
    Has Coil actually done anything of note? Maybe still too early. I predict Forte basically go the same way. 
    Anything to do with SBI. OK I know a lot is going on over there, but my GOD the hype and social media nonsense. Endless delays to the VC launch. Not really even Ripple's fault. 
    OK I'm just getting nostalgic! 
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    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from LetHerRip in ODL Dead? Failed Project?   
    Generally, particularly when over used but I think this was a good usuage
  25. Thanks
    xerxesramesepolybius got a reaction from FineSir in Where's the progress?...   
    2/ I'll let the data speak for itself: - ODL (product that uses XRP) has accounted for more than $2 billion in txns since its launch - ODL volume grew 11x YoY comparing H1’19 v. H1’20 - In less than 3yrs, we’ve processed 2B+ txns on RippleNet w a notional value of $7B+ (2/4)
    3/ Over two dozen customers are on board w/ ODL including MoneyGram, goLance, Viamericas, FlashFX, Azimo and the list goes on.... (3/4)
    Brad got angry enough with the Financial Times to tweet some facts, a big step forward!
    1. ODL experts, how does Brad's $2 Billion compare to the amounts people have been estimating?
    2. 2 billion ripplenet transactions worth $7B. Really? average of $3.5 per transaction. This Ripplenet which all the banks are using
    3. Ripplenet $7billion over three years. That is a few million per day out of trillions of dollars of flow
    4. What does "on-board w/ ODL" mean? Using? Paying? Experimenting?
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