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  1. Wow! Respect to the amount of analysis you have done on Medium. Most impressive. but still don't think it answers my point about loans and ODL remittance flow. Let me try again 1. Mexico/Bitso - a place with previously precious little liquidity from XRP into Peso or even vice a versa. Remember Cualix? All the moon boys jumping up and down but went nowhere. 2. Remittance flow is overwhelming one way, Dollars heading to Mexico which get converted ultimately into Pesos. 3. ODL switches on, massive flow of orders to convert XRP into Pesos, never the other way around. 4. Liquidity providers needed to fill also those orders because there is insufficient local demand. 5. Filling the orders requires they need pesos and a cost effective and quick way to convert XRP back into pesos, since their is no local demand for XRP and the volaility of XRP is very risky for them. 6. Only place to get rid of their XRP, with sufficient liquidity into dollars are US exchanges. So they are long dollars which they need to convert into to Pesos. So how does the ability to borrow XRP (which they need to get rid of and convert back into Pesos) help in any way? Thanks
  2. Well I am glad you don't think I'm a Bitcoin troll. I have little interest in that madness. You know "market makers" should really be called "liquidity providers". Liquidity provider is the term from the FX market, market maker is used in securities markets. Loan idea is an interesting topic. A liquidity provider (in the remittance case) is primarily is providing liquidity converting from incoming XRP into the local currency eg. pesos or baht etc. So they end up sitting long on XRP until they can get the XRP to an exchange where they can change into dollars (which then have to be converted back into Pesos via conventional methods). You would only potentially benefit from borrowing XRP if you are selling XRP in exchange for the currency being sent via remittance i.e. dollars. Is there really any lack of liquidity in selling XRP for Dollars? That is a serious, non rhetorical question. Anyone?
  3. They should give you a lot more if not simply hire you. Their software engineers in London and San Fran would be earning at least 100-200k USD. When you think Ripple has over 500 employees...and their are only 3 of you and a parrot. Wonder if they provide any XRP to influencers, many of whom have far more impact that official Ripple Labs PR department.
  4. There always seems to be a lag. I need to do some proper numerical analysis but the pattern I see it. 1. Whales get tether printed to pump up the BTC price 2. Rather than sell out direct from BTC, which will bring the price down too quickly they convert to Alts, that pumps up the Alt price without hitting the dollar price of BTC. 3. With any luck that gets some new money into both BTC and Alts. They they start selling their BTC and Alts Sometimes the "new money" that comes in (which the whales need to cash out) seems to stick, like it has with Ether the last few months.
  5. I wonder how much Ripple has paid XRPL so far? and whether they give them euros or xrp.
  6. Accenture has over 4000 clients (as in paying clients, not people they are paying to say they are partners). Many of those are blockchain related. BoE, like so many firms signing a contract with Accenture means nothing for Ripple or XRP. The BoE did a pilot with Ripple, it went nowhere and they no longer have a commercial relatoinship https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/pdf-16/accenture-at-a-glance-infographic-2016.pdf
  7. Nothing screams "XRP", more of a general murmuring about crypto or blockchain in general
  8. ok, so all the abuse from @KarmaCoverage and @Caracappa because they think I am a Bitcoin troll? Lol Bitcoin sucks, no use case, terrible for the environment, totally corrupted as well. The only point I was making in my first point it that the recent price appreciation is solely down to the increase in price of Bitcoin, which in turn is probably only due to Tether fueled price manipulation. Do either of you seriously believe the recent increase in the XRP price is due to a sudden appreciation by the world of the utility of XRP and not due to simply being dragged up by Bitcoin like so many Alts? Maybe you will understand my question better, if there is a picture. The price volatility YTD has been insane. Volatility increases spreads on changing into an out of any currency. Increase spreads make ODL uneconomic which means it crumbles or Ripple subsidises it.
  9. We have seen amazing price appreciation the last week (thank you BTC) but if you look over the year to date you seen absolutely horrendous price volatility (Market makers end up having to hold positions in XRP for prolonged periods, the greater the volatility of XRP, the greater the spread on the Fiat1 -> XRP and XRP - > Fiat2 transactions, increasingt the cost relative to conventional payments). Do you you prefer short term appreciation that undermines the utlity argument or longer term price stabiilty that reinforces the utlity argument?
  10. Imagine if I bought XRP based on promise from Brad about adoption of XRP by banks?
  11. This is the report for public use. If you're a Ripple investor I'm sure they sent you the naked truth version For public use for what purpose? To persuade us to buy XRP? If it is, as has already been pointed out is is missing out the key data and just leaving an attempt at creating a pleasant picture of dots for some of us to fill in. Let's recap, The price has gone up recently solely due to being dragged up by Bitcoin. There is no information on how much Ripple bought or why Ripple are pumping up the XRP sales, something most people seem to have completely ignored. Programatic or direct, it all ends up getting sold on the market. Even though sales went down the previous couple of quarters, we are still seeing 300-400 million XRP not being returned to Escrow each quarter. The clearest public information about the other uses of XRP that does not go back to escrow, is that the lucky recipients sell it. That's the facts, here is my pet speculation on why they bought XRP, Ripple have clearly been using XRP whenever possible to pay for things (including getting the co-operation of people like Ripple). If there have been using XRP as a substitute to buy things, the people they are paying on more fixed term contracts would not like the volatility of XRP, the way around that is to give those people, put options for XRP to protect them from fluctions in the value of XRP. If those put options are int he money, they would exercise them with Ripple, forcing Ripple to buy XRP.
  12. By treasury payment they were implying wholesale payments rather than retail remittances i.e. bigger payments. Anyway key point is Ripple seem to be retreating from the big boys and most the little guys who are presumably going to provide the "new money" have never heard of XRP or aren't interested
  13. Yeah well, they lose money on that stepping stone, all those banks seem to continue using SWIFT and we have no idea what value of business is done on Ripplenet versus SWIFT. Considering they only make money from selling XRP and 500 staff means a huge burn rate, well you figure it out
  14. Well Ripple seems to be retreating ever faster from big FIs towards the little guy. Banks don't want to use it as a bridging currency, so they aimed at remittance. Hey guys, people sending money back to Mexico, that sounds like the massses to me but then ODL collapses and Ripple makes that weird announcement that they are not going to do any big "treasury payments" any more. So even smaller payments and perhaps less of them. and does "Banks and other FIs involved in international currency trades will be more than happy to know that their use case is not contaminated by speculatos" mean the price will never go up?
  15. THis was actually a good discussion, I started learning stuff, until it got dumped into "Meta"
  16. Can't we have crypto related personality types ranging from Extreme Moonboy to Champion Fudster?
  17. When a token has is low volume and devoid of use case, it makes it a perfect choice for pump and dump schemes
  18. I have been able to buy electricity for quite a long time with dollars
  19. Personally I the crypto stupidity pandemic is way past its peak
  20. Any suggestions anyone? it cost $4m to get that Ellen slot (plus presumably some more cash for Ashton). Unfortunately Ellen only has about 4 million viewers. $1 per viewer. Maybe time for a superbowl slot? Afterall if they could find tens or millions to pay off Moneygram (with no impact on price) that can pay of someone higher profile. Maybe pay Johnny Depp and Amber heard $50m for a short commercial. Sounds like he needs the cash and she always like the publicity. Just trying to be creative here.
  21. and in general cryptocurrency ownership is falling amongst Americans.
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