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  1. You will get a damn sight more information that XRP holders
  2. So it's like an equity investment is it? But without the ownership rights or dividends or ability to hold management to account or protection that auditors provide, reducing the risk that the numbers told to you by the management are complete nonsense?
  3. Graveyard. Not sure it was such a great idea to begin with but to be fair to the Schawatz, just because he muses about something on twitter, people expect it to come to be and boost the price of xRP
  4. Coil sucks, Cinnamon sucks, when is Ripple going to throw money at the Facebook competitor? Perhaps they could buy MySpace
  5. What would the minimum number of validations be? and what determines it? Wasn't this the thing that @TiffanyHaydenwas worried about, not having enough validators?
  6. Lying to push the price up or lying to push the price down. Hmmmm.... Really need to go and get a degree in cryptoethics to figure that one out.
  7. Moneygram as an organisation is a disaster. It would sink Ripple more surely than losing the class action
  8. As my father used to say, "Manners maketh the mouse." You could learn a lot from him @StirCrazy
  9. Phew, the rules out a bunch of ODL corridors that Ripple would have ended up subsizing.
  10. Another one on the general them of "Ripple Employee Says Ripple is Great" "Pope promotes Catholicism" "McDonalds say burgers very nutricious"
  11. Gee thanks. Where is the best place to see the up-to-date UNL? One of the things I recall Tiff complaining about was that there are validators and validators and the ones not on the UNL don't really matter.
  12. Bitcoin for quite a while not has been pumped up by tether issuance (if it looks like a dollar, moves like a dollar it is probably a duck pretending to be a dollar). When the pumpers cash out (dump) they seem to withdraw from their positions as much as possible by buying Alt coins first to sell without collapsing the Bitcoin price. Overall the XRP price has been been appalling the last 2.5 years. Bitcoin gets pumps and dumps and selling by miners but XRP has relentless selling pressure from Ripple founders, Ripple staff, Ripple and people Ripple give away large amounts of XRP to.
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