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  1. Like it or not, as much of the developed world goes into various degrees of lock down I don’t think is unfair to say, nobody of any consequence gives a damn about crypto. Time to get on with out lives as much as we can.
  2. I didn’t say the Treasury has a lack of faith in Coinbase, i said he probably left Coinbase because he has a lack of faith in Coinbase. Every central bank is continually talking about CDBC or tokenisation so they will probably find his experience useful. but come on guys when people leave an employer it is generally because they have a lack of faith in them, whether faith in their personal prospects or of the company’s prospects. whenever someone leaves crypto to go back to the conventional world too many people go “whoo hooo - crypto fans are taking over” by err leaving crypto. unless of course they were working for Ripple in which case people tend to say they were never any good anyway. Am I wrong?
  3. Interesting but I am not sure how much to read into this. He was at Coinbase for a year and a half but before that had many years in conventional finance including 4 ar Fannie Mae. i suspect this move is because of a lack of faith in Coinbase.
  4. This is not a fork. It would be a new network. Why would you create a new network and leave banks like Santander behind? Why would banks, who distrust digital assets in a highly regulated industry follow them to a new network? XRP would be worthless to everyone save Ripple. Why would Ripple forego potentially billions of agreed upon XRP value to hold millions of their own coin no one would use? Stellar is not a fork of Ripple. Both orgs are clear about this. XLM builds upon some core XRP principles in some different ways. Indeed, the question is, "why?" Why would they do it? Why invest all this money in a new network and token that their competitors will never use, nor potentially governments because it is not a neutral, open asset. Presumably every bank in the world could get together and agree to do it together w/o Ripple, but why would they do this if Ripple can deliver an functioning product that uses XRP faster and for less? Again, BofA, SBI, -JPM's competitors will never use JPM's coin and at some point, JPM Coin value will have to cross borders/orgs to other denominations Lots of really good points particularly regarding JPMCoin but I wonder, USC is a project being created by a bank owned consortium for stable coins in various currencies and Utility Settlement Coin does support settlement. What do you think of that project?
  5. I imagine its a typo but I like the term “Crush”. Going from $3.80 to $0.15 is more of a crush than a crash.
  6. Ramping up liquidity costs Ripple both XRP and USD. They had to invest (in dollars) in both Moneygram and Bitso to get the mexican corridor up and running, give the software away for free and subsidise the ongoing usage of ODL using XRP. I wonder how much the need to do these types of things slow down the growth of liquidity?
  7. This not be meant to be FUD but really after two years of crypto winter, the current financial/health crisis the financial sector, regulators, institutional investors all have other things on their mind and crypto is clearly not an alternative to gold in times of trouble.
  8. This has been one of my long term fears, as I understand it 1. Setting up a separate list if validators is all that is required to fork 2. given the XRPL is open source there is nothing to stop banks setting up a clone of it like Jed did with stellar but the question is why? We are not exactly making fast progress with IoV are we? The lack of imitators itself is worrying Banks have IT budgets of billions. Cloning something and running with it should not be beyond them. JPM based quorum on Ethereum. sorry not really a conclusion just musing
  9. Please, I just don’t think your analogy was very good or based the actual history. Thats it. Not an attack on you, Ripple or XRP, which be clear to anyone reading my comments. maybe we should have a specific analogy thread competition and the a vote on Twitter. Then I might join. What is the prize?
  10. Have you read any of my comments? Did I anywhere anywhere say XRP is an illegal security? Anywhere? No.
  11. Please provide a source for that. I am not going to even attempt at an analogy. Chris Larsen was one of the founders of XRP and Ripple. I think you may be getting too hung up on the word “inventor” pleas lets not re-write history it does not do anyone any good, even Ripple.
  12. @jbjnr you are a real credit this forum for your excellent data analysis
  13. There is nothing inherently wrong with the fact Ripple and XRP were invented by the same people.
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