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  1. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t bad news for XRP
  2. It probably is, the opinion of the SEC guy is not legally binding
  3. So why has Ripple spent years trying to avoid going to court to have this settled once and for all?
  4. You are forgiven. Is this site lost you and @LetHerRip I don’t know what I would do. Maybe go back to reading the WSJ and FT
  5. The moral of this song is that even the undead can keep going forward for a long time until someone puts a stake through their heart
  6. @CryptoEri and why exactly is a "volatility-resistant XRP remittance solution" required? We have been told over and over again by Ripple and fans that volatility is not an issue because the transactions only take seconds. Listen to Brad's own words. https://twitter.com/stedas/status/1233106789819994112?lang=en but we have also been told and over and over again by critics that it does matter and that there is nothing you can do about it but move the volatility costs around. Hence the huge subsidies Ripple has to pay everyone involved in ODL.
  7. One thing is for certain, don't expect Ripple to ever pay anything back to XRP investors. Given their only source of profits is XRP sales, that would make it look like a pyramid scheme.
  8. Thank you @LetHerRip Can you imagine how tedious this forum would be without his/her provocative analysis?
  9. Wow! interesting developments. The overall level of dumping (sorry guys I meants sales) is up to a net $35.84m but the interesting thing is the $45.55m of purchases. It should be obvious what this is to all but Hopium addicts. The so-called "liquidity providers" in place like Mexico, end up long XRP. So Ripple has to buy it up bring it back to US and sell for dollars. The whole of ODL is a joke.
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