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  1. Interesting how he sold so much of his XRP before he sold his Bitcoin. His market timing is improving. XRP was about 35 cents when he last sold his last public batch. https://cryptoslate.com/xrp-underperforms-ripple-david-schwartz-sell-holdings/ Wonder how much the other Ripple management have sold and whether they clung onto BTC longer to XRP. Odd.
  2. Nothing to do with XRP as always. Currencycloud it not a paymentd company, it provides APIs to allow companies to set up remittances/international payments eaiser. Ultimately sounds more like a competitor to Ripple than a partner.
  3. I think Ripple is a to a large extent responsible for this. Generally they only reveal only part of the truth and not a representative part of the truth at that. Announcements about "partnerships" are fine but no official statistics on things like ODL volumes, number of paying customers for Ripplenet or even Ripplenet volumes. No independent audited analysis of the cost benefits of using XRP in transactions. If there were any good news in the real numbers they would get released. I now await the standard responses about NDAs, that is not how business is done, its all our fault for investing and DYOR.
  4. I am beginning to think more like the Truman Show than Game of Thrones. We were all living inside a made up world like Truman believing it was real when it wasn't. Every day the price tells us the narrative is not true.
  5. Sorry Julian, nothing in the paper does anything of the sort. YT and other dot connectors are playing the age old game of suggesting that if someone mentions Ripple or XRP as an example it is an endorsement in some way. Just like it was claimed for a long time that Ripple was in bed with the Bank of England because they mentioned them in some papers, and did a brief proof of concept that went nowhere. The following are the two sections that mention Ripple/XRP. No endorsements, no mention of securities. The Bureau has continued to monitor the remittance transfer market since the publication of the Assessment Report and observes that most of these developments continue to progress. Examples include: (1) The continued growth and expanding functionality of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)'s “global payment innovation” (gpi) tracking product, which can increase the amount of up-front information available to sending institutions, and the expansion of the major payment card networks' capacity to support cross-border payments; [57] (2) the continued growth of “fintech” nonbank remittance transfer providers and their further expansion into partnerships and other relationships with banks and credit unions, which allow such entities to tap into the closed network payment systems that nonbank remittance transfer providers have developed; [58] and (3) the continued growth and expanding partnerships of virtual currency companies, such as Ripple, which offer both a payments messaging platform to support cross-border money transfers as well as a virtual currency, XRP, which can be used to effect settlement of those transfers.[59] To the degree banks and credit unions increase their reliance on closed network payment systems for sending remittance transfers and other cross-border money transfers, the Bureau notes that this could result in greater standardization and ease by which sending institutions can know exact covered third-party fees and exchange rates. The Bureau also believes that expanded adoption of SWIFT's gpi product or Ripple's suite of products could similarly allow banks and credit unions to know the exact final amount that recipients of remittance transfers will receive before they are sent.
  6. https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2020/06/26/sec-charges-lobbyist-jack-abramoff-crypto-firm-and-ceo-with-fraud/ He only scammed a few million. Bit part of the reason he was prosecuted by the SEC was because of all the untrue claims about the technology and users. Does any of the following sound familiar? “The defendants also “deceived investors by, among other things, making false and misleading statements in press releases, social media posts, and other promotional materials regarding the status of the technology and governmental agencies’ interest in using AML BitCoin in their payment systems,” according to the SEC. “Many of these false and misleading statements were also disseminated through paid articles that Abramoff arranged and helped write, which purported to be written by independent authors rather than disclosing that they were paid promotions of NAC,” the SEC alleged.“
  7. Trouble is, there is not much else to talk about price is a disaster over almost 3 years ODL seems to be collpasing None of the “good news” seems to be on any interest to mainstream media or new investors also previous attempts to discuss those topics have been shut down by very aggressive fan boys. My suggestion have two permanently open and unedited topics 1. Is XRP a security? 2. Is Ripple a scam? then other topics probably easier to stay on topic.
  8. He/she/they did nothing but churn out Hopium. Has any of it turned out to be true?
  9. It works, it saves people money, volumes are shooting up therefore we are going to... mostly stop. there is no conceivable positive way of looking at it. Ripple/XRP seems to have completely failed as a solution for banks. It got further in remittance (seemingly because of the huge incentives Ripple paid out) but that has failed, now lets make noise about focusing on small payments
  10. I think the cost reduction article for Ripple/XRP is still unproven. I stick to my point.
  11. Being fined for "Ripple Labs willfully violated several requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) by acting as a money services business (MSB) and selling its virtual currency, known as XRP, without registering with FinCEN, and by failing to implement and maintain an adequate anti-money laundering (AML) program designed to protect its products from use by money launderers or terrorist financiers." could be termed as “engaging with regulators” i suppose Bernie Madoff engaged with regulators after getting caught
  12. If you don’t mind me asking, which country is that?
  13. I have to confess I really don’t like Eri, though I watch most of her videos, too much joining dots that don’t exist. what is worrying is the lack of coverage in mainstream press or even the more “mainstream” crypto press. you can’t just rely on enthusiasts, the news analysis is never going to be balanced or objective
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