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  1. My question is if a price feed is all that is needed to create an asset in this collateralized ecosystem then could a perfect hedge coin be created to allow collateral to sit in the pool without risk? It would just be a coin thats price fee was the inverse of the price of all debt. I am wondering then if they do that is it essentially then just the same as the collateralization pool shrinking but it could be added back at any time and wouldnt really have an inpact other than not having to leave the synthetic world. Obviously I am influenced by the ETH project synthetix which is doing pretty much the same thing but maybe not as well, but just a work in progress. they at least have it running but I like some of the ideas David Swartz had in the liquidating the lowest collateralized positions and the ability to purchase that position to bring back to 150 collateralization. I thought that was brilliant cause idk there are just so many safeguards for the system to remain collateralized and probably would in non volatile times. And I am a little confused tho cause is there a guranteed clearing house feature that prevents any possibility of being undercollateralized? is that possible? Anyways I think this concept is amazing and wonder your thoughts on it.
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