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  1. GIF game on point as well
  2. Full Disclosure, I think. Thank you for your great insights, jbjnr!
  3. Indeed, and it is not a noun ;-) Thanks for everything, @JASCoder, very informative!
  4. Forgot about this topic you reacted on three days ago?
  5. Interesting! This is also in line with this Ripple Insights post: https://ripple.com/insights/xrp-a-preferred-base-currency-for-arbitrage-trading/
  6. While I agree that is concerning, and I don't want to downplay the great effort the utility-scan people do; keep in mind that it is an approximation which might miss transactions.
  7. Around 2 dozen, according to Chris Larsen:
  8. I've tried to explain the liquidity index here: It is indeed calculated on 28 days, but it is not an average, but rather an intercept of some fit.
  9. Thanks, Eric, appreciate your daily analysis! Could you maybe roll around in mud? I have a hypothesis I want to test.
  10. I guess Eric123 compares it to ATH rather than low: 12k is approximately 2/3 of 19k.
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