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  1. I've tried to explain the liquidity index here: It is indeed calculated on 28 days, but it is not an average, but rather an intercept of some fit.
  2. Thanks, Eric, appreciate your daily analysis! Could you maybe roll around in mud? I have a hypothesis I want to test.
  3. I guess Eric123 compares it to ATH rather than low: 12k is approximately 2/3 of 19k.
  4. I don't really understand this; I thought they were sending the actual payments via ODL rather than these larger treasury payments?
  5. Immediately thereafter he mentions "a player in Thailand going live, that's driving(?) a lot of volume". I did see THB on https://utility-scan.com, but only with very small volume. Could this maybe be missed by their tracking methodology as well as yours, @jbjnr, or do you think there's really not that much volume going through?
  6. Alright, but we don't know about the "more clients" part then right? Just smaller payments.
  7. This is a great way of aggregating past week's news. It is complete, well written, backed with sources and looks great. Way better than many crypto 'news' websites. Kudos!
  8. Only confirmation I could find was this article which refers to a tweet (response to a deleted tweet) that says 'their name' was listed on the Ripple website's customer page: https://www.tronweekly.com/ripple-xrp-attracts-top-european-psp-equensworldline/
  9. I don't know why they are that specific number, but @jbjnr posted a nice graph some time ago that showed that different corridors have different batch sizes and frequencies.
  10. Yes, my point exactly. The way e.g. Plotly solves this is by having a double-click on one pairing display only that one pairing (hence hiding the rest). See for example the third graph here. Something like that would be great.
  11. Great stuff! I love it. One minor nitpick: I don't think 'CUMULATIVE MONTHLY VOLUME' is the proper term here (but I could be wrong), as the graph is not cumulative but rather aggregated by month. It would be interesting to see a cumulative chart, for example to check the total volume that has been transferred through ODL (which only recently passed 1B and is already at 1.27 now). EDIT: I'd also love to see weekly aggregated numbers (perhaps similar to jbjnr's bar chart, or similar to your 'full history' line chart), as this should remove the seasonality caused by low volumes in the w
  12. @JannaOneTrick pointed to this tweet in another thread. Also on https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/ it mentions 5 markets, meaning USD, AUD, MXN, PHP and EUR I think. That's been the case for quite some weeks now, so I don't think this corridor is that new, it just wasn't shown on the utility-scan tracker.
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