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  1. Firstly, congrats to all the XRP hodlers - you are all getting rich. Your patience has paid off. Secondly, there is not a single shred of evidence that banks are either accumulating XRP or using XRP as a bridge asset anywhere on RCL. This indicates that the current speculative fervor is a massive bubble that will collapse. And particularly since Ripple's institutional product uses ILP, without clarification from Ripple about the non-existant use of XRP by institutions, this euphoric wave is is little more than a deception that will end in tears.
  2. Vinnie used to be a Ripple employee. Vinnie used to have a few hundred million XRP. Vinnie used to post here. Did he just disappear? Another question: if Ripple's hypothesis about banks using XRP for minimizing the legs needed in an FX conversion is correct, then why wouldn't banks use a) BTC which is far more liquid, or just fork RCL and use their own version of XRP? If the RCL is the answer, then the banks will just spin up a new one without Chris/Jed/Arthur taking 20% off the top, without some random SV startup holding another 50% and without a bunch of random people (us) holding pennies worth of what should be an institutional level currency. Fanboys - let's hear what you have.
  3. I'm not an ordinary troll. I'm a well informed one and I've been following Ripple since almost the beginning. And at one time I held a ton of XRP. But I got tired of waiting for banks doing this and banks doing that. And the truth is that Ripple's ILP-based product for banks does not touch XRP in any way. All this hope of anyone using XRP outside of a few speculators is just wishful thinking. If there was any actual use of XRP and the RCL, we'd see it clearly. Even @vinnie said the same thing. Edit: it looks like @vinnie has deleted his account too...
  4. The Fidor/Snapswap corridor has been dead for a couple of years and all the others that have been pointed to don't show a single transaction in 2017. I'm dumbfounded and not in a good way. @miguel - Can anyone from Ripple point us at some issuing wallets from banks that clearly demonstrate current (i.e. 2017) transaction activity on RCL? It's public information, so where are the issuing wallets?
  5. Can someone point me to one single transaction from a bank that has occurred on the RCL? Whether it is for $1 or $1,000,000 I'd like to see evidence of a single bank-generated transaction. Without that, it's all just smoke and mirrors. Ok fanboys, show me...
  6. What Ripple did wrong: Allowed the founders to grant themselves 20% of all XRP ever created (in addition to the founders' equity in Ripple that they all hold). This doomed the project from the start in the eyes of those that mattered at that time - the crypto community. Failed to establish a comprehensive distribution plan for XRP. Failed to promote XRP as an alternative asset to BTC. Failed to promote the establishment to a network of strong gateways. Without cash in/out, the network just sputtered along. Pivoted too quickly to a bank-only strategy. The sales cycle for enterprise software is looong. It's been four years and there is barely a single live implementation of Ripple anywhere that people are actually using. Ignored the community. Open source software without a community is dead software. Failed to properly distribute the network. We're still relying on Ripple's 5 validators as being the hub of the network. Failed to make ILP relevant to the value of XRP. Seriously, ILP is just a two phase commit protocol with some cryptography underneath. Failed to make rippled a simple clean install. It was and still is a nightmare to get running. Etc. It's a long list unfortunately. And it is too late to fix.
  7. 2 years ago Ripple had something special. Now it has been completely overwhelmed by all the other developments that we've seen with the other cryptocurrency platforms. Ripple is not private. It's not scalable. It's not meaningfully distributed. And there is absolutely no community developing on it. And, every post on this forum is a rehash of something that was posted on the old Ripple.com forum and the old XRPTalk.org forum. ILP may or may not work for the banks, but one thing is for sure, the banks won't be touching XRP. There is just no reason to.
  8. Four years ago, the RCL was something unique. Today, it is a relic of what could have been. With 20% of XRP grabbed by the founders, a failed (or non-existant) distribution program and complete inability to decentralize the validator pool beyond the "special 5", RCL (and consequently XRP) is dead. No wonder Vinnie (and others no doubt) are selling large amounts into the market. I would if I was in his shoes.
  9. He can't be any worse than the last guy (Phil Rapoport) that was as useless as tits on a log.
  10. XRP is still a thing? LOL. It's dead people. Even the true believers left in the last 12 months.
  11. Does anyone know if it is still possible to send funds to a bitcoin address via btc2ripple? And which wallet still supports that functionality?
  12. Because I do not believe that XRP has any future. It has been three years and have we seen any bank adoption? Whatever the banks are doing, they are not using RCL. If they are, can someone please show me the link to ANY bank wallet. Then I will consider joining the happy clappy crowd.
  13. It's too late for any transparency related to XRP. Greg Kidd was wise to dump when he had the chance. The rest of the hodlers should have taken notice of that and dumped too.
  14. I agree. My point was simply that there is no natural support for XRP out there.
  15. I had forgotten about XRP for the past few weeks and when I come back to it I see that it has really fallen off a cliff this time. After three years it is clear that nobody believes the XRP story. Even Ripple is being somewhat open about its strategy to replace RCL with ILP. Meanwhile Jed's mountain of XRP continues to get unloaded on the poor XRP hodlers. Look out below...
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