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  1. Don't shoot the messenger Billy. Just read the article and come to your own conclusions.
  2. Re-read my post. I said xrp was "retrieved" by Ripple. I didnt say Melon bought xrp in 2018. Try to keep up yourself. When he bought the XRP is not the issue. The article states that after Melon died is when the lawyers approached Ripple (because they could not retrieve his XRP). Afterwards Ripple somehow got them access to Melon's XRP with a strict contractual condition the estate lawyers could only sell a certain amount each day. The article is telling us that Ripple gave access to Melon's funds with a stipulation and the estate lawyers had to grudgingly go along with it. Ripple did this in 2018 or later. You don't find this information damning, if true?
  3. XRP was retrieved post 2018 after Melon died, not "early days".
  4. https://www.dailydot.com/debug/death-internet-cryptocurrency-matthew-mellon/ Mellon left behind two ex-wives, three young children, and an estimated $193 million in XRP. There was no mention of the currency in his outdated will, and he reportedly kept the keys to it on devices under other people’s names in various locations throughout the country. His secretive methods left the estate’s lawyers scrambling to gain control. They wanted to sell the XRP as quickly as possible—court documents show that its value had fluctuated up and down 30% in the few weeks after Mellon’s death. Each day they went without selling, they ran a higher risk of losing millions of dollars while facing his exorbitant bills and debts. The lawyers were able to get ahold of the XRP by approaching Ripple, the company that manages the currency. But that’s a unique privilege, estate planning experts say, because most cryptocurrencies aren’t closely tied to centralized entities. “The family should thank their lucky stars, because it is not that common that they could go somewhere and get access to the account,” Gerry Beyer, a law professor at Texas Tech University and expert on digital assets in estate planning, told the Daily Dot.
  5. If interest can stay above 1.35%/week then your stack doubles after 52 weeks. I imagine this will be the case. The problem is if BTC goes into a bear market your stack is going to drop 90-95% in price. Say hello to 2¢ SGB.
  6. If it stays at 1%/week (which is high, coins like ADA pay 5%/year) and price can stay in the 40-50¢ range SGB can be renamed to money printer (BRRR)
  7. From what I've been told the circulating supply is supposed to be 9.4b. The fact that there's only 2b staked means 7.4b SGB didn't get staked this epoch. This could very well mean that many exchanges are not staking their SGB. You would think that more than 21.2% of SGB would be staked but...not apparently. I've heard comparisons of SGB to a Ponzi and I thought about it. I don't think this is a good approximation. A more apt comparison might be a house of cards or a bubble. Right now, we are in crypto bubble that is inflating with Bitcoin's rise. Money is flowing into SGB with tether and XRP giving it tremendous value (40c now, maybe $1 in the coming months if BTC goes to 100k). People are earning 1.75-2% interest per week right now which they are cashing out or compounding. Life is great, but it's a house of cards or balloon that will collapse after corrects at the end of this cycle - Just keep that in the back of your mind.
  8. 一个更好的问题是 XRP 能涨多少?如果 BTC 达到 100000 美元,那么保守地认为 XRP 可以达到 3-4.00 美元
  9. The price is supported by greed. The token itself is worthless but when you have a reasonable expectation that you can sell them for $0.56 and the rewards are high it creates incentive to buy up large quantities for more free money. Right now the rewards are so high it can literally pay for your living expenses. Combine that with the fact SGB will likely appreciate in price with the market you are looking at 7-10x gains. Then on top of that we still have exfi and flr drops that are coming. The downside is that everything will drop 90-95% in the next bear market and the weekly rewards are decreasing so you'll only be able to buy a coffee instead of a lavish lifestyle you can fund right now.
  10. On every forum I visit it seems like half the people put their XRP on exchanges during the snapshot.
  11. He is probably worth way more than 100MM now because of his crypto but in January his net worth was 45MM. He explained his case for xrp: 3:50 onward: Raoul Pal: "Xrp is a great risk-reward" "Slap on the wrist, then free to run" "Worst case is -50%, best case is 10x from here so I'll take a 50:1 risk-to- reward here" There you have it, actual smart money person placed a sizable bet on XRP. Disclaimer: I do not hold any XRP (except the 20 XRP locked from spending in my wallet).
  12. Have you heard of the little old lady method of taking profits? When it doubles sell half. When it doubles again sell another half and so on. This ensures you always walk away in profit. Every TA person will give you different answers. Check this one out
  13. An honest xrp holder, this is rare. 1. It's more Ripple's willingness to work with banks. Also their opaque monetary policy. They take out 1b xrp every month and spend it on ???? Then send the remainder back. We have no idea what Ripple is spending XRP on. Im sure some of it is shady dealings. This opaqueness is similar to central banks which is why it is hated. It's not predictable either. With other cryptos you know what the inflation rate is. With XRP the inflation rate is whatever Ripple decides, just like central banks. 2. XRP is already up there in MC. This is both a positive and negative. Not much higher in % it will go up but it less likely to get washed away into oblivion. 3. Yep, a lot of the boomer coins xrp cant be staked. I dont want to spend my investment and lose it. If you have rewards it much easier to use that for money and keep your principle investment untouched. Maybe FLR will address this but a second layer complicates things. You can already stake ADA and many others with just the base coins. With XRP you have to purchase FLR to create F-XRP you can stake (fact check me if im wrong). 4. Fair point. 5. Fair point. It is actually BG and CL selling their stash to the tune of over 600m and not on Ripple's behalf. This was in the SEC document. They are both being sued by the SEC. Huge red flag when the top people of Ripple are sued in addition to the company. Why invest in XRP when you can invest in anything else that doesnt have this problem? DOGE with no parent company or execs looks less risky. 6. ODL doesn't raise the price anyway. Scarcity determines price, not utility. My sincere advice: have a realistic sell target for XRP this bull cycle and don't ever think about buying back in until the price crashes over 90%.
  14. Another mind reading fail. I want Xrp to moon so I can dump my spark tokens off the hype.
  15. Money/greed is not the only incentive but it is major incentive that drives more than 99.999% of transactions in crypto. You won't be able to convince too many universities to run a Ripple node in perpetuity because they are "interested" in the tech/ecosystem. Trying to argue that I'm wrong because technically there are a small number of participants running a node for other reasons than money doesn't invalidate my point. There is no financial incentive to run a XRP node. You arent being convincing by arguing an edge case. I called Ripple's behaviour rent seeking to which your reply is nuh-uh. Very convincing. I called out XRP for centralization of nodes with 75 nodes, of their centralisation in monetary policy, centralisation in monetary supply yet these facts are never addressed. These things don't matter to you or I but it matters to everyone else in the wider crypto community, developers and investors. They see these glaring problems and don't want to hold bags of worthless coins with no future. Many will buy in to ride the wave up until the end of the bull run but they will dump their bags just as fast as they bought them. And after the bear market starts and the SEC suit is settled there will nothing holding back Brad & Larson from dumping their billions of XRP on the market for your parabolic 90% dump. That will be the cue for "willing to hold XRP for 10 years" and "just bought back in" comments.
  16. Here's his argument since you are too lazy to Google, then copy paste: If you want to perform transactions, you either need to run a server or you need to use someone else's. If you don't want to have to rely on anyone else, you run your own. There is no additional cost to run a validator, it's literally just one command that you enter. In exchange, you have a say in the evolution of the network. You become a stakeholder. If you care about how the network runs in the future, you will want to have a say in how it operates. If the network has utility and value, those who benefit from it will want a say in how it evolves so that it maintains that utility and value for them. So they will have a financial incentive to be a validator. You can download rippled onto a PC and be up and running as a validator on a home Internet connection in five minutes. Basically, there is zero incentive to run a Ripple node. The exception might be a company or institution that cares about the xrp ecosystem. Who would that be? Oh I don't know..maybe a company/institution paid by Ripple with XRP? Im aware xrp is neither POW or POS. What I said is there is no incentive to run a node. I have my facts straight. Uh no. My criticism is about how Ripple is rent seeking.
  17. Xrp isnt the future but it is possible to walk away in profit before the end of this bull cycle. The type of retail investors from wsb that invest in coins like DOGE might pile into xrp if they see price go up. I agree xrpl is interesting but xrp is depressing. No smart contracts, no development, no staking. Ripple had to pay devs to copy paste code from ethereum and some other projects to make a 2nd layer for XRP so it can have these things. Problem is the base layer of XRP is not something people like. The monetary policy is.....Ripple decide how much to dump on you to raise funds to promote xrp. There's no mining, just 75 validators motivated to run nodes because Ripple probably pays them. There's no incentive to run a XRP node.
  18. It won't ever come to sanctions. No vassal state would refuse US requests over a Ripple node. Very little pressure is needed for compliance. We all underestimate the US government but the SEC did slap a lawsuit on Ripple. Smarter people learn lessons from it. Not to mention, Ripple would voluntarily shut down all their nodes and ask all partners to do so. They work WITH institutions, remember?
  19. Having nodes in allied and vassal countries isnt going to change anything. If you dont have nodes in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran everyother country will comply and shut it down at the risk of having sanctions slapped on them.
  20. Instead of trying to mind read you can refute my points, you know?
  21. It won't. Why would serious people with serious money throw down on a centralised network of less than 75 nodes that can be shut down over night by the US government? Why would you invest in XRP knowing Ripple and Jed have been dumping the supply on you on exchanges (confirmed by SEC report). Why would devs migrate to work on a centralised platform that can be shut down in a few days? To make Ripple richer? The only use case is speculation in a bull market. But even that has been limited because of the lawsuit and competition with 10000 other cryptos. The one good thing about xrp is it is scarce but that's meaningless if the government can shut you down.
  22. I'm going to drop some extreme hopium for you guys. Full disclosure I don't own any XRP and I think this prediction is Looney Toons but I do think this guy has talent for TA so he's not someone I just dismiss. And no I cant share this channel, it's a secret group.
  23. The only hopium I can give you is that in a bull market facts dont matter. Like Xrp going to $3 based on a rumor in 2017... A settlement rumor can push xrp above ATH. I think the SEC already crushed XRP because without the lawsuit the price would already be above previous ATH in fiat terms. I guess it would be accurate to say SEC crushed the XRP holders. My prediction - best case scenario xrp hits the ATH but doesn't go past it in a meaningful way. Maybe it managed to hit $3.80-$4.20 if all the stars aligned. Then a parabolic dump back to $1 for another 4 years.
  24. Not so long ago retail investors didn't know the value of XRP. Now they do and it's not something that can ever fight ETH for the #2 spot. It's #7 now and looks like it might get pushed out of top 10 this year.
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