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  1. He bought a Spark IOU from Poloniex. If I could offload my Spark tokens now it would be a considerable amount of money. I'm eagerly waiting for Q2 so I can gain access to my tokens and dump them on the market. I think they only give 15% of your total amount then a small % ranging from 2-4% every month until you have none left. We will actually get to be like Jed for once.
  2. I just think that this time is different. Normally I would agree that XRP is at a low in its BTC ratio and would eventually bounce like before but this time I don't see the incentive to buy back in to pump the price. XRP is radioactive thanks to the SEC so it doesn't get to take part part in this bull run unless Ripple settles and it sounds like they aren't interested so you'll be holding onto XRP going lower and lower in BTC ratio and bouncing between 15-30 cents. This is the definition of dead money.
  3. Because it's not a security. Every project or coin that is speculative and has good will is going up. DOT bridges ethereum. It's possible to lateral the ethereum dapps onto DOT. Speculation. Conversely you will see people exit out of XRP everytime the price goes above 30¢ so they can ride the alt season train up. More sell offs with each court case update I imagine. Then maybe some of these guys will buy back into XRP if the price drops down to 10-15¢. The amount of interest in XRP/Ripple on reddit is back to the bear market days.
  4. Talk is cheap. Don't look at what they say, look at their actions, their behavior. It doesn't cost Brad anything to tweet or do soft ball interviews with CNN. Behind closed doors he and Chris were dumping XRP to the tune of 600m USD and that's just between the two of them. Then, after making enough money for 600 lifetimes they don't disclose the SEC investigation happening since April 2019 and then refuse to settle with the SEC because that would mean paying out of their own pockets for once. XRP is going lower. Once people realize this is a dead coin and you are better off in anything e
  5. Most of us didn't sell. It was obvious that the price would keep going up. We didn't have the insider info that Brad had knowing for over a year the SEC was investigating and planning to sue Ripple. Once the SEC news broke it still took me days to sell. Unfortunately I do not see any outs for Ripple this time. Brad and Chris aren't going to pay out the SEC and settle to save XRP holders. You can excuse yourself for buying and holding XRP. It was a terrible trade but you didn't know better. Your thinking that it would go up in the next bull market was a sensible idea. Unfortunately the SE
  6. I want to sell flare IOUs. Im going to be getting a crap ton
  7. Most chartists will not touch xrp again unless it goes above 41¢. I'm not a chartist. The fundamentals on XRP are beyond terrible. If it does pump one day, it is AFTER everything else has already pumped 16x and that's a big if.
  8. I would have agreed with the initial post before the SEC debacle. The situation is completely different now and I do not recommend being in XRP. I sold my remaining XRP above 30¢ and do not see myself buying back unless the SEC case is settled. Right now having XRP is worse than fiat. The opportunity cost is too much now. You are sitting on your hands watching the bull market pass you and for the hope that Brad and Chris might settle with the SEC... I'm glad I washed my hands of XRP. Already recouped my loss from the SEC dump and my crypto assets keep growing in value. Xrp is going to ge
  9. I don't do TA I do fundamentals and mass psychology. Everyone us dumping their XRP bags and buying alts because they don't want to get left out of the market. LTC surpassed xrp today and in a few week it's going to be DOT and ADA. Everything is going to drive past XRP in 2021. Maybe people might gamble on XRP towards the end of the bull cycle but right now everyone wants in on the altcoin money train.
  10. I'm saying what you or I think about this question doesn't matter. Your opinion that says Ripple doesn't owe holders doesn't matter if the court rules that XRP is a security. I can't get much more clear than this.
  11. The SEC doesn't think this way. If XRP is ruled a security in court, holders become shareholders of Ripple. This sounds good except you think about it and realize that most of the revenue made by Ripple is from selling XRP.
  12. It only seems like the price is going up because bitcoin is going up. The reason why alts can go up like this is because they are paired with BTC. In reality xrp is going down in sats but going up slightly in fiat because the price of bitcoin keeps going up. This is only temporary. Do you work for Ripple? I know this forum is made by them to promote xrp but most of us don't work there we just hold XRP which is sinking like a rock while other alts are gaining. Ripple has already won. They already made their money. They have their golden parachutes. Bag holders are getting rekt.
  13. I only kept 15% of my XRP just in case it goes back to $3.80 again but that might not even happen even IF BTC goes to 100k. Xrp is currently 714 sats so that means it would only be over 71¢ if btc was 100k USD right now. I suppose most XRP holders would come out even or at a profit but miss out on 5x, 10x, 15x just putting your money in top 10 cryptos. My plan is to sell XRP if it ever hits 3-3.5k sats again. It's a much safer bet to go with bitcoin to 100k than pray for xrp to revisit previous all time highs now thanks to the SEC debacle. It's sad because as bad Ripple or Garlinghouse are, XR
  14. It doesn't matter how smart you are or how dumb LTC buyers are. The market has spoken. The market says LTC price goes up. It also says XRP go down. It's reality you are arguing with. The winkelvii don't have more than half the supply of bitcoin in escrow like Ripple. The CCP can roll back btc transactions but that would hurt bitcoin and billions of dollars they have invested in it too. So far they haven't rolled back transactions or killed bitcoin. Brad G on the other hand has been outed by the SEC for pumping and dumping on holders to the tune of 600 million dollars and that's just
  15. the 'delisting' comment is a distinction without a difference. We all understood only US customers were being banned for trading and XRP wasn't delisted from exchanges completely. It's actually quite rational. People are actually buying up LTC because there is no parent company or founder that can be sued by the SEC. One of the reason I diversified into XMR is because it doesn't have an attack surface like XRP's Ripple and Brad Garlinghouse. bitcoin and other cryptos are seen favourably because of their fair, transparent and predictable monetary policy. Xrp is dropping like a rock no
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