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  1. It seems that we will not receive spark until 6 month after Dec 12 2020. Being able to loan XRP or engage in DeFi would also be a while after that. Does this bode well for the price of XRP?
  2. 1 is already seen to happen. another way to say it is money from btc enters xrp to get back more btc or fiat as people get priced out of btc. 2. i keep hearing this unproven narrative. i dont see any correlation between new corridors and price. in economics price is determined by scarcity, not utility. let me prove it using an anology. the most valuable thing around you right now is the air you breath. the reason you dont pay for it is because it is abundant. simply using xrp in transactions won't do it because nobody is holding the coin to make it scarce. people might hold xrp for specul
  3. that's fair. bitcoin is in year 3 right now so it looks like itll be a other 1 year possibly more if cycles are now longer than 4. I listen to Bob Loukas and he thinks we are in a 4yr cycle within a bigger 16yr cycle. others like Benjamin Cowen think cycles are longer and its now 6yrs so bitcoin would peak some time in 2023.
  4. if there is anything that i can take away from this fractal it is the idea that the price cycle is getting longer. it further adds to my conviction that the previous ATH will take longer than 6 months post-halfing to reach. it also means the next blow off top ATH will be reached later in time than previous cycles. previously it took 1.5years from halfing to 20k. This time might be 1.8 or 2 years, perhaps longer. so btc goes to 100k or higher to 288k like PlanB estimates based on Stock to Flow model, but where does that leave xrp? two things might happen. 1) it might just stay under 30c wh
  5. Why would it be XRP being used in the IOV or in the brain space as opposed to BTC or ETH? XRP is a precarious situation right now. It does what it needs to do well (transactions) but just like the old cell phone manufacturing companies it needs to evolve or get left behind. It'll really depend on things like Flare Network whether XRP can be utilized in smart contacts and used in areas like DeFi or IOV applications. On top of that, XRP needs to climb in value over the next 2 years or it will fail to be seen as a store of value by investors. Right now holding XRP is worse than holding fiat in a
  6. 2016 had a lot of new alts do 50-100x while bitcoin did a steady rise. Everything went nuts when bitcoin hit it's previous ATH of $1000. This happened approximately 6 months after the halfening. Our last halfening was May 11 2020 so it could happen again as early as mid November. I am expecting 3-6 months later this time around.
  7. Depends what you mean by "anytime soon". If bitcoin goes past 20k USD I have a reasonable expectation that a new cohort of retail investors will chug money into $XRP within 3-6 months after the fact based on historical precedent. I also have an expectation that Bitcoin will go to 100k in our current cycle. It follows that $XRP is going to $3.00 and a lot higher. In another thread that was deleted I carefully outlined when bitcoin would hit 20k. Sometime between now and June 2021. So $XRP would probably follow in price 3-4 months after. I would expect $2-3.00 depending on the mania at the time.
  8. Your logic is sound. Thanks for the breakdown. With 45b coins I dont think xrp/fxrp or spark will reach $400 but could reach similar valuation or higher in marketcap. From what I know, I don't think ETH can scale to what it needs to even with 2.0. I think other platforms will compete to take the devs (Cosmos, polkadot).
  9. I don't like how the devs are keeping 55b Spark for themselves. It's just too much and invites more hate from the crypto community. At least burn the unclaimed tokens.
  10. 1. Doesn't matter if ETC gets hacked into the dust, it's a different chain abandoned long ago. 2. I dont understand where you are getting the $400 FXRP valuation. There's 100b xrp, 45b circulating. Price is about scarcity, not value.
  11. Yeah that is a concern too. Erik Voorhees predicts that all the ethereum platforms will simply move to Cosmos since everything can easily be ported over. I didn't even know about Smart Chain. According to this article it should be easy to move defi platforms to Flare: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.crypto-news-flash.com/ripple-flare-networks-proposes-two-way-bridge-to-ethereum/amp/ Some have argued that devs will use L2 scaling or wait for 2.0 rather than move to different platforms but I think this might be naive considering the gas prices and 2.0 being 1-2 years away.
  12. I would use the bigger, more notable exchange since less risk of becoming insolvent. I claimed mine via ledger nano S and going through the steps of flare.wietse.com using xrptoolkit. The whole process took me 3minutes. Now I just wait for the snapshot date of December 12th. I'm actually looking forward to Flare network. From what I've read it sounds like this will make XRP usable in smart contracts and able to get involved in Defi. More interestingly, it sounds like existing ethereum dapps and tokens can be ported over to flare to be used as a scaling platform. Imagine Defi withou
  13. If i recall correctly Grey Scale had some xrp but they reduced it and got more BTC. 20m xrp is a joke, when they own 422308 BTC. The ODL narrative is a good one but only sways the price in a bull run. The price is just following bitcoin like ODL never existed for the past 6 months or so. Attached is another narrative I've seen pushed on a different forum. Let me know what you think.
  14. I'm not sure functional valuation is a thing. All the insane pumps we've seen in the last 4 years were based almost entirely on speculation. BTC, ETH, LINK...none of these are used irl in any tangible way. It goes up based on shiny new tech, big tech partnerships, and speculative mania. Nobody is actually using any of these coins, including XRP. When it comes to liquidity in crypto, BTC is king and I don't see XRP dethroning it. All the asset management groups like Grey Scale and Fidelity are only interrsted in buying BTC, not XRP. All of the ODL transactions amount to just Ripple paying peopl
  15. From what I've seen these trader types don't seem to care about that. They don't mind buying in at ridiculous valuations as long as they believe it is going in the right direction so they can profit off it in a specified time frame. You are right about how psychology plays out in the crypto market. It's the reason people delve into alts instead of bitcoin and why I think retail will jump into XRP once bitcoin goes past 20k. I'm pretty confident we will see $3 again and beyond.
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