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  1. You're cryptocurrency isn't stored on the Ledger Nano S. What is stored on it is your private key.
  2. Seriously? It's the number next to the + symbol under your avatar, and it's a cancer that has spread from Reddit to other social media platforms. You just need to post a link with no context or summary and you'll be showered in reputation points.
  3. This is the third person to admit to being fooled due to through own greed.
  4. @Dogowner5 You are either bad at reading comprehension or you are being disingenuous.
  5. Where did I say stop blaming the criminal?
  6. We need people to use their brains. That's what we need. Stop creating a scapegoat out of the scammers only and apply partial blame on those that think some benevolent person is going to send them back 2X or 3X of something of value. This is literally out of the early 2000s Nigerian prince scams playbook, but tweaked for the cryptosphere.
  7. I would have agreed with you up until PayID was released. That's because I'm tired of using different apps to make domestic and international payments with. I use different apps for various reasons: vendors and sellers having a favorite payment rail or due to different payment rails having different fees and choose the cheapest one.
  8. I had to read this a few times and each time it reads like you have an app and want to beta test someone else's idea and engage in intellectual property theft for the benefit of your app.
  9. What happened to the partnership between Ripple Labs, Inc. and Catalyst Federal Corporate Union? CFCU created an entity called Currentz, LLC, which was supposed to be their platform that utilized Ripple technology, around the time of the 2018 Swell event. I don't see anything from their corporate communication over at CFCU's website about Currentz that is recent. Silence on this is a bit concerning. But maybe others on this forum know more about this that can educate the rest of us with whatever information they have on this subject. https://www.catalystcorp.org/contact-us/bio/brad-ganey https://www.catalystcorp.org/docs/default-source/scan/scan1q19.pdf?sfvrsn=e98c95a1_2
  10. What do you hope to accomplish by talking to their legal team? Their legal team represents their client, Gathub. They don't represent you. I know this because I used to work for corporate counsel of two large companies. We often get a random email or call from someone internally saying that a customer is upset and wants to talk to someone in legal? lmfao Of course I would get tasked with handling that call and letting them vent or, if that didn't work, just tell them they can contact their local bar association for a referral.
  11. My understanding is the the guy that created XRPTipbot, Weiste Wind (however you spell that crazy name), created or helped create Xumm (another stupid name). I recommend Xumm to someone before due to that fact, and their response to me was, "is that a Chinese app?". I said no. They said, "sounds like like it is."
  12. Wasn't this something that would violate Brad's Peanut Butter Manifesto that he and others used to talk about so much back a couple of years ago? From an outsider it does look like Ripple Labs, Inc. is throwing mud at anything and everything and hoping something, anything will stick.
  13. Me thinks this will turn into a nothing burger like Allvor was.
  14. If someone says give them X and they will give you 2X back of something, wouldn't that be a huge red flag of something being too good to be true? Why would anyone send you 2X, 3X or even 4X back of something of similar value? Come on man.
  15. This looks exciting, but what problem is it trying to solve? I mean, how can other people that aren't into the cryptosphere use this website to make and receive payments effortlessly? It's probably a stupid question, but I can't seem to get past my initial response of this is "cool."
  16. I simply can't believe anyone would fall for this. There are some things that are just too unbelievable.
  17. What type of scam was it? I think it's helpful for everyone if you elaborated on this.
  18. It would be much simpler to go back to the Gold Standard instead of what your proposing. The problem is that no politician wants to raise taxes so it's simpler to monetize debit and then print money, which is still a tax that you pay through inflation.
  19. Seems like too much work for little reward. I can imagine only a few die-hards jumping through all these hurdles for something you can't even sale because it's not on any exchanges.
  20. Watched a lot of porn, started my day at 9 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. and didn't have to waste an hour to and from work each day. Why do we need to all go to a traditional office to work when we can do the same job from home? I mean, I could understand if you're in manufacturing, but if you work from a cubicle each day, would it be cheaper for the company to allow you to work from home and reduce traffic congestion during the fall and spring when parents are taking little Timmy to school?
  21. I'm all for federalism, but in certain situations this causes too much regulatory uncertainty. Instead of dealing with the federal government for approval, a company has to make sure they are compliant with all the states, which may all have different requirements or no requirements or pending bills. Can we just be honest with ourselves that federalism works for certain cases but not others? I'm scratching my head why NYC believes they need to get involved in the cryptosphere.
  22. @Dewpey This looks very promising for international payments, but what about domestic payments? One of the arguments I've read from people selling items on Instagram is that PayPal is expensive but the sellers like the dispute process and are willing to deal with the three or four percent that PayPal makes on a transaction for that piece of mind. When I suggest using Zelle, Cashapp or Venmo, many will say Cashapp is used by sketchy buyers, Zelle isn't supported by every bank and many haven't heard of Venmo, which is odd because it's said to be a direct competitor to PayPal. I think this is something that developers working with PayID might be overlooking and focused solely on just the development end.
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