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  1. Why don't any of your links work under "About"? It's the risk manager in me that sees all these warning signs with your operation.
  2. This means so long as you have a PayID Uri (or whatever it's refereed to in the White Paper) that you can send fiat back and forth from both of those banks, much like Zelle?
  3. Maybe it's just me, but when a company uses Telegram, I pause. Why not Discord? Why does it have to be a messaging platform that terrorist and criminal organizations use?
  4. Are there any financial institutions or exchanges that allow (or working on allowing) ACH payments using PayID?
  5. I personally think these warning threads are absolutely stupid. Who is he warning? This feels and looks like textbook karma farming that everyone does on Reddit, but it's migrated over onto normal internet forums.
  6. Do you work in risk management, compliance or in a legal department for a publicly traded company?
  7. There isn't much to report on. That's why the forums is on life-support. It happens to all forums from gaming to politics to farming to the tacticalcool community. I see more people shilling their Discord servers which everyone is using.
  8. To be fair, XRP and other altcoins follow BTC.
  9. They are already behind because Zelle has something like 350 banks and credit unions as members. How do you market yourself to banks that have the opinion there is too much risk to use platforms like Zelle or have already been using Zelle for the last three years?
  10. Sounds like a teen girl that couldn't get a date with her crush so she starts cutting her arms.
  11. I will be more impressed if they implement cPanel and allow for you to install WordPress and forum software like IP Board or Xenoforo.
  12. That's true. But he has brought it up in the last two Swell events and a multiple in conversations with the one guy they hired that used to be on that financial news show.
  13. No one suggested that Ripple isn't building or trying to build an ecosystem for a better payment rail for moving money faster and more efficiently for cross-border payments. But adoption hasn't really taken off. So now it seems they have pivoted to these side projects with companies you never really heard of. I'm confused by Garglinhouse's Peanut Butter Manifesto, because it seems that Ripple has abandoned that. That's what it seems to me. With the economic downturn, companies have seemed to be a lot less likely to make a gamble with using ODL.
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