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  1. [b]hybrixd[/b] versions v0.8.0-2 "Happy Magenta Elf, Furry Magenta Sphinx, Little Green Fairy" were released! [b]11-09-2020, 12-09-2020, 14-09-2020[/b] # v0.8.0-2 ## Happy Magenta Elf, Furry Magenta Sphinx, Little Green Fairy ## 11-09-2020, 12-09-2020, 14-09-2020 * web-wallet: fix local storage bug * web-wallet : unified assets * Ripple: use x addresses and dash seperated tags * Update unified assets * Automatically import base asset recipes for tokens * Fix duplicate PIDs * Add messages for eth and tomo tokens * qrtz : add option parameters for unpk * web-wallet: improve login speed
  2. hybrixd version v0.7.33 "Little Turquoise Griffin" was released! 03-09-2020 # v0.7.33 ## Little Turquoise Griffin ## 03-09-2020 * Implement transaction-details endpoint * Add list endpoint for storage * Improve sample and transaction for unified assets * Update documentation For more information check out: api: see docs https://api.hybrix.io/help/api For updates, questions and feedback please feel free to contact us via our telegram channel: https://t.me/hybrix_io
  3. hybrixd version v0.7.31 "Happy Purple Gremlin" & version v0.732 "Furry Purple Elf" were released! 01-09-2020, 02-09-2020 # v0.7.31-2 ## Happy Purple Gremlin, Furry Purple Elf ## 01-09-2020, 02-09-2020 * Added syscoin token, thanks LucidLunacy! * Added support for tomo * Added support for Folgory exchange * Remove standalone sync command * Update to /confirmed and /confirm endpoints * Added /block endpoint * Added history tests * Added storage tests * qrtz: Add help and import to qrtz cli * qrtz: type flow * qrtz: improve find for string * qrzt: Handle empty string not as number *
  4. Coffee with hybrix | Episode #3 Every month we have quick chat and coffee with hybrix, today's host is Amine Ouadrhiri Marketing director at hybrix and founder of Ministerie van Creativiteit. Todays Guest: Ana Goessens, Animo | Psychologist turned software engineer, Ana bridges the gap between developer, specialist and end user. https://youtu.be/-UChdwromPs
  5. hybrix HY is now listed on Folgory! HY/EUR pair is available for action. https://folgory.com/trade-crypto/HY_EUR
  6. Launch of HY/USDT Grid Trading Competition with 5,000 #HY to Give awayπŸ’¦ β˜”Better bring your umbrellas out homies because this Reward Pool's gona rain down hardβ˜” Twitter: https://twitter.com/BiKiEnglish/status/1297851961681653760 πŸ“²Grid Trading Tutorial:https://support.biki.cc/hc/en-us/articles/360047212252-How-to-use-Grid-Trading-APP-version- πŸ”¬Read more here: https://biki.cc/en_US/noticeInfo/3186
  7. hybrixd version v0.7.28 "Bouncy Pink Unicorn", v0.7.29 "Shiny Pink Ogre" & v0.7.30 "Curly Green Leprechaun" were released! 30-07-2020, 13-08-2020, 20-08-2020 # v0.7.28-30 ## Bouncy Pink Unicorn, Shiny Pink Ogre, Curly Green Leprechaun ## 30-07-2020, 13-08-2020, 20-08-2020 * Added fee-balance endpoint to determine available fee balance * Use stack trace in logs and return to root callers * Added a work in progress mock exchange (sandbox) module * Updated dependencies * hybrix-jslib: Add option for partial source address * hybrix-jslib: Updated dependencies * qrtz: improve math
  8. HY everyone, Are there any candidates that would like to join us @ the upcoming Coffee with hybrix? It is a low key blockchain session where we record two people that have a conversation about the blockchain sphere. It will be something like this: https://youtu.be/0Jg7jCrBsgQ If you are interested please DM me.
  9. hybrixd version v0.7.26 "Cosy Pink Griffin" was released! 17-07-2020 # v0.7.26 ## Cosy Pink Griffin ## 17-07-2020 * Update hystat to get current HY data * Prevent node crash on faulty proc commands * Hide internal routing calls in logs * Improve fee computation. * Disable idex and waves exhanges engines * add non debug requests for ui, remove console log * Fix error response for non standalone api endpoints * Add biki exchange connector * Prettify multi fees in transactions * Debug ui rendering of undefineds * Fix xem and ubq tokens * Add asset host test endpoints * Depreciate
  10. The story of how we saved $5000 a month by coding our own market maker on the hybrix platform! Trading bot | 194 lines of code vs $5000 Γ‘ month. https://medium.com/@dhr.ouadrhiri/trading-bot-194-lines-of-code-vs-5000-Γ‘-month-b769ecfd3714
  11. Coffee with hybrix | Episode #2 Every month we have quick chat and coffee with hybrix, today's host is Amine Ouadrhiri Marketing director at hybrix and founder of Ministerie van Creativiteit. Todays Guest: Jurre Machielsen, Connector at Lisk Centre Utrecht (@LiskCenter) and builder at Moosty. Lisk Center Utrecht: https://www.liskcenter.io/
  12. "The dream of a digital world where all transactions are free and can take place without the interference of a centralized authority." enter hybrix... #tribes #property #freedom #crypto #Interoperability https://medium.com/@dhr.ouadrhiri/will-you-join-my-digital-tribe-d4e631d6162e
  13. hybrixd version v0.7.25 "Little Blue Mermaid" was released! 25-06-2020 # v0.7.25 ## Little Blue Mermaid ## 25-06-2020 * New ETH token: Tokentuber * Added Biki trade engine * Fix unspents for uninitialized burst addresses * Fixes for NXT tokens * Autofocus for debug ui * Fix searching beyond cached history * docs: fix folding items. * Update several hosts (DGB,ETC) * Fix Rise and Shift * Update test data for assets * qrtz: Remove eval from scan, add NaN check and consts, fix BCH unspents * qrtz: add zip functionality to tran For more information check out: qrtz: see docs https:/
  14. hybrix was mentioned on Benzinga! "For stablecoins to unlock scale at a sustainable pace, they need to utilize bridges between blockchains to reduce the bloating challenges of the Ethereum network. Emerging solutions such as Hybrix will help" https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/20/06/16298871/leveraging-cross-chain-bridges-to-reduce-the-impact-of-stablecoins-on-ethereums-bloated-ne
  15. hybrixd version v0.7.24 "Furry Purple Owlbear" was released! 18-06-2020 # v0.7.24 ## Furry Purple Owlbear ## 18-06-2020 * Update ark to newest sdk * Added new bitcore engine for bitcoin cash * Fixes for insight and florin coin history * qrtz: fix parsing of certain number went wrong * updated styling and added links to docs in debug ui * Fixes for omni history * Fixed problems with serving binary (image) files For more information check out: qrtz: see docs https://api.hybrix.io/help/qrtz For updates, questions and feedback please feel free to contact us via our telegram channe
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