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  1. The LinkedIn article is solely referring to this. https://www.coinbase.com/international
  2. I am a very big proponent for XRP, and I also believe that it is important to look at both supporting, and opposing media sources. This LinkedIn post is clearly meant to be a quip against crypto as a whole rather than a researched news article. However, I rarely see XRP mentioned in my mainstream feeds and wanted to share. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6458097663349968896
  3. Whoever wrote this article for Mercury most own XRP. They knew what we wanted to hear. Now if only we got some sort of timeline.
  4. I’m honestly surprised this has gone 3 minutes with no comments. This is a crazy exciting statement from Ripple.
  5. The point of the screenshot is that it supposedly shows the view of coinbase from an employee/contributors view. Hence the "management console" menu, as well as the "user tickets" and "administrative tools" menus. That means that the average person can not log on to coinbase and verify these claims. Just like most hype in the crypto world, it is up to you to either believe in it or not.
  6. cryptocream

    Chatbox gone

    Yeah I agree with this. I love reading the posts, but the chatbox is what makes this website really feel like a community. It is really sad to see it go
  7. Go here: http://statoshi.info/dashboard/db/transactions Click "txtInMemoryPool" at the bottom of the first graph Zoom out as much as you wish It seems that the main issue is not just the amount of pending transactions, but also the unusually high number of rejected transactions show in one of the lower charts.
  8. Here is a live count of the backlogged XRP transactions: https://www.xrpUpdater.com/BTC_sux/counter
  9. So it seems that even though BTC has over 200,000 pending transactions, the price is staying relatively constant. I assume that the large influx of transactions is also ironically the reason the price is not dropping. So now my thought is about the relationship between XRP and BTC. It appears that a large if not main reason for the BTC transactions is because of Ripples growth and people therefore using BTC as a uniform trade currency to buy XRP and other altcoins. Though not the intended main purpose of BTC, it seems that Bitcoin is largely used as the currency for trading altcoins. If services are created where XRP and other coins can be bought with USD, EUR CNY etc. (coinBase and XRP are reportedly in talks) and BTC no longer serves as that intermediary currency, do you believe that BTC's price will fall? To me the delayed transactions of BTC exposed a major flaw in the system that they have not seemed to address. As XRP approaches BTC's market cap, if people are able to directly buy XRP I see BTC losing a lot of support. Thoughts?
  10. I have heard a good amount of talk about Siacoin recently. I have since began to research it, and does not really stand out to me as much different than the plethora of other altcoins out there. It seems to be a decently straightforward decentralized currency without any especially new features. Does anyone have a reason they believe, or do not believe in siacoin? I appreciate any opinions!
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