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  1. Look its dropping just like your dignity and your old ball sack!
  2. Hi, general question is it safe to move my XRP from my exchange to XUMM?, im asking because i have no news regarding my exchange being a participant in the Spark airdrop, so im looking for other options to redeem my spark tokens. Thank you for your help
  3. The emails are in spanish, but in short translation, they say that they are in talks directly with Flare and they have to evaluate the project and the the possible consequences, and that they will notify me of any new news. Also they say that Flare told them that they will notify them 2 weeks before the ¨snapshot¨ and that the date is not yet set.
  4. Does anyone here uses Bitso as your exchange? i asked Bisto Support for information about Flare / Spark Token and wanted to share the information they told me if anyone is interested and if someone uses Bitso and has asked the same question to compare the information provided.
  5. Sorry for the dumb question, but does anyone know if you have your XRP on exchanges ( let say bitso), do you get to redeem spark tokens?
  6. I dont know if this information has been shared in here, since the document is from November 2019. https://grayscale.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Grayscale-Building-Blocks-XRP-11_2019.pdf
  7. interesting that they mention western union and not just moneygram.
  8. hi, what is your opinion of the sudden XRP price surge? is it because of utility cases, a whale, or simply speculation?
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