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  1. Why not? @JoelKatz What will Ripple do with all the power they have in that scenario?
  2. You know what I think? We will have hyperinflation soon and Gold Silver, Crypto, will go up in value. yea maybe a cup of coffe will cost 10,000$ The thing is, Ripple will have their escrows, I think they will become kinda like the IMF or maybe the IMF will just absorb Ripple.. and thats it.. With any other crypto this thing cant happen. I only see Ripple. And I think hyperinflation is for sure. first Deflation then Hyperinflation. After this happen will they bring the old system? Or will they bring us the new system?, if they bring us the new system, tell me other cryptocurrency besides XRP
  3. Let's say XRP becomes the standard.. What does it make Ripple or Ripple's escrows? Who will control it? How can we know for sure they care for the equality of the world and not about the elites which we all know cares only about themselves and their corporations and less about this world? I wish a Ripple member could answer this question because this is the most important question in my opinion @JoelKatz
  4. Why Ripple and not BTC/ETH/STELLAR/DASH and the other 5000 cryptocurrencies..
  5. I think this is all one big show. All we need to look at is at the cruise ship case. Ofc we have lots of death in italy and iran but we dont know how many people were infected by this virus. If we have like 1m people in italy who got infected 1000 deaths is not much.. its like a regular flu. You see where im going.. we only know about those who we check.. They use this virus to create black swan event in order to change a fked up system.
  6. For now we are doing pretty ok compared to btc.. xrp/btc is up 10%.. I only know one thing, play stupid games win stupid prizes. Be careful
  7. It's XRP or hyperinflation. It's that simple .
  8. You cant just apply a solution to stock market at ATH. You must have a shock to force a serious change TLDR, you need a wound in order to apply a plaster on it
  9. With this black swan event we are witnessing a bizzare scenario. The old corrupted system maintained by the Federal Reserve is dying. The only cure is Gold Standard and by doing that Federal Reserve will go to hell. The fed injects billions of dollars every single day, it started in september 19 till now. with 10b, 20b, 50b, 100b , 150b, 300b daily!!!! They are dying! This is the time for XRP. soon we will find out
  10. Its beautiful to be honest.. human psychology is funny. Hold and load.. anyway we go to hyperinflation if Donald Trump doesn't adopt Gold Standard togther with CBDC backed by XRP.. therefore i dont see any reason to sell.. Gold standard is the only cure, CBDC is the normal thing to do, XRP is here to stay
  11. Damnnnn what a dump!!!! I still hodl to 0 or hero.. maybe i love bdsm and i dont know it?
  12. So this is what R.I.Plle meant when they said 2020 the year of digital assets? Lollllll
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