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  1. I noticed that Cinnamon video is launching a new Beta version and aside from a graphical makeover has incorporated some new bells & whistles for its users. Just curious what others think about the Cinnamon platform in terms of content, usability, and future potential.
  2. Not surprised that he holds Basic Attention Token. Aside from the AD tracker blocking features, Brave browser has a tipping function that actually works (and unlike the TipBot has successfully integrated with Twitter and others)... Not sure COIL's approach will work long run (basically another $5.00/month paywall)
  3. TipBot? Make available to COIL subscribers only?...
  4. Ripple partner SBI Holdings says it plans to use Ripple’s payments technology to make it easier for people in Japan to access ATMs. In its latest yearly financial results report, the financial services company says it’s working to integrate its Ripple-powered settlements app MoneyTap with ATMs run by various banks across the country. https://dailyhodl.com/2020/05/13/sbi-plans-to-utilize-ripple-payments-network-to-consolidate-atm-access-in-japan/ https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
  5. Title: LiveMarketIndex.com - XRP On Demand Liquidity Exchanges Link: https://livemarketindex.com/odl-exchanges
  6. The Court Moves Against Ripple: "U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton of the Northern District of California has decided that early XRP investors and buyers can file suit against the company to retake potential losses" https://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-lawsuit-gets-the-go-ahead-from-a-federal-judge/
  7. With regard to wash trade volume, many of the exchange data feeds (ours included) utilize outlier detection algorithms to exclude certain trades. An outlier is considered to be a significant deviation on a specific exchange relative to the previous tick average on the all previous exchanges. To your point, handling this data is important as outlier data can have a sizable impact when calculating the values. There are a number of potential situations where this can occur: wash trading low liquidity instruments or exchanges erroneous data from exchange incorrect mappings betwee
  8. XRP Grows By 5% In A Day As Bulls Recover, Can A Push To $0.35 USD Materialize? https://coingape.com/xrp-grows-by-5-in-a-day-as-bulls-recover-can-a-push-to-0-35-usd-materialize/ For up to the minute BREAKING Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News: https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
  9. Ripple’s Xpring Building Interoperability Bridges Between XRP and ETH https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2020/02/ripples-xpring-building-interoperability-bridges-between-xrp-and-eth/ https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
  10. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse interview on CNN’s “First Move” with Julia Chatterley, scheduled airing is February 17, 2020: https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-ceo-interviewed-cnn/ https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
  11. XRP now available https://bitcoinist.com/xrp-now-available-to-2-million-users-ripple/ https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
  12. XRP Now Available to 2 Million New Users Via This Ripple Partnership "XRP is the newest addition to BRD wallet, formerly Bread wallet. BRD wallet is extremely popular among crypto users, and could potentially be a huge partnership for the asset." https://bitcoinist.com/xrp-now-available-to-2-million-users-ripple/ https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
  13. Hello amazing XRPeople! We have been followers of the XRPChat forum for quite some time now, and thought it was time we stopped by and thanked you for the amazing research, and friendly approach that so many of you have (especially with newcomers to the space). It certainly is refreshing, and speaks volumes for the XRP community in general. Once again, Thank You for this amazing community The Live Market Index Team https://livemarketindex.com
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