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  1. Hi Frans, sorry for delay From my understanding of the line of credit, it just allows a company to launch a new ODL business, when XRP will be in that company's pocession, it will be classic ODL, so these initialization transactions are negligible, in my opinion
  2. Sorry for delay, I don't do too much analysis outside of discovering new corridors, I'm lazy enough to have written some code that does it for me This is why the project is open source, you can find the logic here: https://github.com/mouradski/xrapid_alert/blob/develop/src/main/java/space/xrapid/job/Scheduler.java https://github.com/mouradski/xrapid_alert/blob/develop/src/main/java/space/xrapid/listener/EndToEndXrapidCorridors.java https://github.com/mouradski/xrapid_alert/blob/develop/src/main/java/space/xrapid/listener/InboundXrapidCorridors.java http
  3. Totally agree, UtilityScan is based on assumptions to define the functioning of ODL, and probably cannot capture a significant part of the flows, but the tool remains an indicator.
  4. this address is clearly involved in ODL, but we do not yet know how, probably related to market makers
  5. Thanks @Frans It's what we are doing Our algorithm in 5 steps : 1) Search all ODL TRX between exchanges that providing API for new corridors basing on trades sum matching on both exchanges (when found, we store information about DT/SOURCE/DESTINATION for step 4) 2) Search all ODL TRX between all exchanges, that are followed by a sell in the local currency (in case source exchange not providing API (when found, we store information about DT/SOURCE/DESTINATION for step 4) 3) Search for all ODL TRX from exchanges with API to all exchanes (in case destination exchange n
  6. filter per tag to identify clients
  7. we are lucky that the implementation of the Bitstamp API brings together all the trades associated with the same order book on the same timestamp, so just group the trades by timestamp on one side as in the other, then compare the sums that are close you can focus on this class : https://github.com/mouradski/xrapid_alert/blob/develop/src/main/java/space/xrapid/listener/OffchainCorridors.java regarding AUD / PHP I also find it very intriguing
  8. thanks I think the new #ATH is due to the new corridor that was hidden for us
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