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  1. NGO’s accept record $750,000 donation from cryptocurrency https://www.sunshineslate.com/business/environment/ngos-accept-record-750000-donation-from-cryptocurrency/
  2. $ElonGate: The Charity Token donated yesterday: Projects: Fighting World Hunger -> $250.000 (https://www.elongate.cc/news/245k-aah) Ocean Pollution -> $250.000 (https://www.elongate.cc/news/245k-oceancleanup) Give away next sunday: Tesla Model S Giveaway https://www.elongate.cc/teslagiveaway Upcoming: Major Exchange 💎🚀
  3. first transaction to the charity: https://www.elongate.cc/news/75000-usd-donated-to-children-international hash: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x870fd0cc5be47526a83d5aea499379c94f92f9e0ce7d848ad3ca8e85848772b0
  4. WHITEPAPER | GET INVOLVED | NFT LAUNCHPAD | Elongate | Elongate Telegram ElonGate began as a meme, inspired by a viral tweet from our favourite billionaire at the forefront of revolutionising cryptocurrency. The events that transpired after our establishment saw the formation of a community spanning 40,000 people, a number that is constantly growing. In 2021, the battle against the global pandemic has forced the world to embrace digital initiatives in a parabolic trajectory. Contents * Core Values * Roadmap * Tokenomics * Our Charities * Buy Core Values * Charity *
  5. Hi everyone, I work for a non-profit startup, which was crowdfunded by the community, called hybrix. --> https://hybrix.io/ We are a huge supporter of Freedom of transactions, ie to freely transfer value whenever and however you see fit, in either physical or digital form. To this end we created an open source platform, where user safety and controle is paramount. We built an js library which you can checkout at: github: - https://github.com/hybrix-io npm: - https://www.npmjs.com/package/hybrixd Wondering what the Ripple community thinks of this and how we can b
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