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  1. People who exit scamm will say his excuse is "Want to spend time with family"
  2. But whales have their fun while it's going up AND down,it's called a pump and dump for a reason
  3. The "enterprise and institutions" ripple like to mention are just shady crypto exchanges that ripple like to dump their XRPs to over the past few years. No corporate company has ever announced or been found to have any XRPs for the past 3 years.
  4. David,brad, and other ripple whales keep dumping xrp, BTC does not have any more manipulated pump in which xrp relies on, odl only used by companies paid by ripple leading to it's eventual demise after ripple stops concentrating on xrp
  5. Don't worry I love it too when it's keeps dropping! It's fun to see all the perma bull people start facing reality and deleting their accounts!
  6. The trump cultist has been outed and people rely on these people for their daily hopium tsk tsk
  7. People not on the hopium drug know what you're physically missing...
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