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  1. Can anyone provide some insight on how to calculate the amount of XRP that has been burned to date? Also, has anyone calculated the average xrp burn rate per minute? I find these numbers to be interesting to follow as more institutions start using XRP to facilitate payments. I’m sure these calculations are simple to some, so thank you in advance.
  2. HUGE news! I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but if he is accepted by the senate then we could have just got dealt a royal flush. My chips are all in. Your move... hold or fold?
  3. Im predicting a serious pump by tomorrow, possibly surpassing record highs. Yes, I do think some of it will be actual growth, but I think most of it will be whales trying to manipulate our market... Once the correction happens, it leaves a lot of new/promising investors in the dust. Could be a great opportunity to sell and buy back in at a better position towards the bitcoin fork.. unfortunately we’d be contributing to the pump and dump dilemma. Unless xrp actually goes to the moon of coarse?, but I’m a bit pessimistic and think we are about a year from that happening ?
  4. “3,2,1” & SWELL is just a pure marketing plot to get market exposure, hence the swift conference is right next door to the swell conference. So I doubt they are going to say anything “big” at this conference besides using popular banking executives to restate why this technology has a revolutionary application in the banking industry... Bitcoin and swift are taking some serious heat right now and Ripple/XRP is becoming very appealing to many different types of investors. Regardless if SWELL has a positive or negative impact on the market performance im still going keep my same strategy and HODL to the moon!
  5. Not very diversified at the moment. Wish I would of held my bitcoin longer. btw this app is great if you don't have it..
  6. With the SWELL conference (which I expect to draw a good amount interest) and volume spikes toward the end of the year once ripple becomes "online", I anticipate the price to be at an all time high of $0.48 (rounded +\-)
  7. Greetings XRP gladiators, ? As we patiently wait for battle on August 1st, I find it important to discuss networking. As a long term reader within our 'chat', I've noticed many posts in regard to Ripples "lack of networking" to the public and not spreading the word enough to become rich overnight... I want to encourage our community of crypto holders (but especially XRP holders?) to take MORE initiative to bring MORE people aware of our community. My goal is to NOT pressure people into investing, but to inform them. It is apparent that whales can influence our market and increase volatility, and that will always be true under a small market cap. We can utilize our small networking and form a whale so big that Moby **** couldn't even take down us down ? Here is a general script that I follow Typically, I start from the base of cryptocurrency and its fundamentals and work my way up from there. Then I discuss Bitcoin and its early success from being a first mover onto this idea. Finally I discuss a few ALT coins that could follow in Bitcoins footsteps, but I always emphasize XRP and send them this video: I am interested to see how other people explain Crypto-land/XRP and what knowledge I can utilize to more effectively explain it to people unaware. Please reply with suggestions or a script of your own.
  8. Hello all. I am new to the group, but I'm excited to be apart of this XRP surge with you guys! Trust me, my seat is buckled tho! I believe we have a bright future ahead of us as Ripple has mentioned 'turning off the faucet' on new supply of XRP entering the market. But what is ripple doing with their extended supply? Is ripple hording the excess supply for banks or other applications within expansion? I would think it's clear of what could happen when that faucet turns back on, but the price should soar til then... Regardless, I want to hear your speculation! (+ or -). where do you see XRP price at the end of... 2017? 2018? 2022? Feel free to throw some details in from your research. Sharing knowledge only grows our community and all of our wallets!!
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