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  1. After this SEC complaint, I was keen to understand how other people felt and planned to do with their XRP holdings (Sell, hodl or buy more). I understand everyone will be different. A few thoughts from myself, I have always believed in Ripple and XRP and thought the leadership team was experienced, credible and was going to do great things in this space. I even wrote about my stance and bullishness towards Ripple and XRP back in January (When there was speculation of an IPO). None of this sentiment has changed, although I do think this SEC complaint does raise a few concerns and Ripple ha
  2. I understand this concern. The IPO initially worried me too, and no one knows how this will play out for XRP holders. A few things to consider in my opinion are. Ripple own the majority of XRP, therefore they have a clear interest in the future price, which would also help with the initial IPO evaluation and future stock value (40,000,000,000 XRP deemed as a company asset) Ripple are expanding into more corridors utilising XRP Ripple have met with the IMF and BIS on multiple occasions and demo'd RippleNet and the XRP digital asset Ripple working with SBI and pushi
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