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  1. if you knew this would come, you will not be posting here anymore, you'd Short the hell out of the crypto market and possibly became another bill gates at this point. Perhaps you'd still be here in this forum, exhibiting the same "confirmation questions behavior", and asked: "did anyone here became bill gates just like i am?"
  2. wow baka, your personality has changed from keep asking "confirmation questions due to low confidence", to spewing "pessimistic facts/opinion with confidence".
  3. i used to check Ripple Insight religiously, watch XRP youtubers, see Hodors Blog, unwavering optimism this thing is going to bloom. But now, Hodor has left, i dont watch the youtube anymore, and i dont bother to click on any new Insight anymore, i never expect this can happen to me, but this extended bear market can really do wonders. I thought i was "optimistically numb", can maintain optimism in the face of price slow bleeding, but in fact there's actually 1 more stage beyond that, and called "pessimistically numb". I wont sell, i already reached my end goal in terms of accumulating by a big margin, i used to revise it higher, but now i wont put in anymore new money, despite the true sale is on right now. Nowadays i shifted to developing profitable forex strategies and spend the money on coders to help me automate it, enough money spent on xrp. There's no telling how long this waiting game is going to last, but at least i can have a stable source of income coming from forex autotrading, and stopped hoping on xrp to take off. If it's meant to be, it will be. I wont sell, i wont deny myself for the potential take off after all these effort of bag holding, go big or go home, $100 or $0.
  4. you sound like Baka, we dont need another Baka here.
  5. as much as i dont think your contribution make sense, i cant/dont judge you, everyone is different. I asked one of my best friends what if he had retirement level of money, will he quit job? He said he'd still continue to teach, because teaching is his passion. Maybe you find a high level of satisfaction in raising kids up, you're willing to go through hardships, living a hard life / giving up life just to see that happen, am i right? you can elaborate more so i can understand better as a human being
  6. well, i am. i'm concentrating in my career whilst having crypto in my portfolio, a visualisation of possible future doesnt harm, no? plan is simple, if crypto didnt work out, fine i'll just continue working my professional job, else i'll just give my boss the letter and start enjoying real life if crypto takes off, im grounded to reality. im not so sure about contributing to society, im a selfish person i admit, im self centered and doesnt care about others, if there's any way i can contribute, it's probably through buying stuffs where they charge me sales tax, the tax the country gained will better the people/country? that's anyone's guess. Mind elaborating whats your definition of soiety contribution?
  7. Im not sure if i can say i have a passion, this is what im gonna do: 1. visit a new country every month (will revisit with better knowledge about language & culture of that country to enhance experience) 2. learn as many skills as possible (magics, cooking, martial, dance, music, new language) the above alone can easily last until i die i guess, seem like a long holiday to me, but does it seem so to you? Do you feel it's wasted to live like that?
  8. I agree, just holding and buy more during dips is the least stressful way to deal with crypto, probably is the safest too in the sense that as long as we dont trade it, we will be gaining 100% of the moonshot movement rather than missing it due to trading. But still, we never know how high it can go, setting targets is essential for this strategy, i have mine at selling 20% at $10, 5% at $20, then 60% at $50. After reaching $50 i will be officially retired at age 25, the rest of the bags are truly long term. Do you think my targets are realistic by the way? I got it based on new ATH will always surpass the old ATH. Been tough holding it for over 2 years, but i clearly know whats coming, boom or bust, i can lose the money i threw in for 2 years and start over building up my cash again, benefit of being young. I too noticed the volume, it's getting extraordinary these days, it just feels like 2017 run (yes i discovered crypto in Sep 2017, i watched it run to the top and didnt sell, but i was just starting to work that time so my stash was small). At this point, everything has improved, more exchanges/on ramps, progressions, govm talking about crypto, etc. Looking forward to US regulation talk in the coming week, kinda got high hopes on that, maybe it's moon time. If it doesnt, i'll just hold tight till it happens, go big or go home, im fine not touching the stash and live my life normally. The true meaning of "invest what you can afford to lose". Any day any time this thing go burst, i have a good feeling this is the year i retire.
  9. after reading reddit these past few days, the stage has officially progressed to Hope.
  10. at first glance it looked like double top to me, which means drop incoming, mind explaining how it is a double bottom?
  11. As usual, I surf XRPchat & Reddit every day. Recently I picked up this "disbelief - this is a suckers rally" sentiment which i can strongly relate it to the cheat sheet, the below are some of the comments from Reddit. "It's only a matter of time before I go from "wow it's going up!" to "If I sold it I could've had this much more xrp..."" "Everybody chill lol. At the risk of sounding negative and I-told-you-so'ish we've seen this kind of thing before. I'm sure all the "OFF WE ******* GO" and "Moon moon" comments are well intended, but calm your jets.", then someone replied - "Hope you’re wrong. But I feel this way also" "So used to these movements in XRP that I can confidently say that we will wipe out 20% of our 40+% gain over the past month in one day. When? Not a clue." "Don’t be too optimist.. Every coins are pumping since binance introduce future trading. Sell when you can it’s like at 50% from 18-19 cent!"
  12. I assume that ripple has think through this before hinting at IPO. I think ripple wouldn't let IPO to happen if they foresee the IoV mission will be intervened by outsiders. They don't really need any external financing as they can raise money via xrp, why give up control for extra money that they don't need? Probably the powers that be wanting a piece of the pie and will only let ripple succeed at IoV if they can join, this way ripple will get their blessings as the interest of both parties is aligned, IoV will have a higher chance of success. It's not just product and services we're talking about, it's bridge currency, come up by a private company, they'd be the most powerful private company in universe if they pulled off the IoV and the xrp price went sky high. I recall some big company from China want to acquire a big company in US but blocked by government, this shows you're not almighty and can do whatever you want without the blessing of the powerful authority. Ever wondered why it's been so long the regulatory clarity still not moving? No btc etf? Everything that we've been waiting for is just not coming and delaying? The powers are not making it happen unless it benefits them to do so (ripple ipo), why fix something that's not broken yet? Cross border payment 3 to 5 days what's the problem? It still sends, just not instant and low cost but it works.
  13. I still remember last year everyone is saying ripple would never want to do an IPO, because it will be bad that they will have external parties start intervening in their mission of Internet of Value. Ripple can just keep selling XRP whenever fund is needed, their supply will last for a significant amount of time. Now that ripple hinted for IPO, everyone be like changing tune and saying how good it is for ripple xrp. Suddenly I felt like ripple supporters can view everything in optimism no matter the circumstances, which somehow worries me, as if the supporters are blindly supporting and sees everything in positive light and feed those info to folks out there via YouTube etc. After listening to both sides of story, my assumption is that if they don't go for IPO, they'd be holding too much power as a private company if they were to succeed in the mission. Government is not going to give up control and let ripple to become a more powerful entity than gov itself, thus an IPO is needed. And a large part of the external parties that participate in the IPO will likely to be those want to maintain control such as gov itself or people relating to it, so the success of ripple and gov is linked, the mission is now likely to succeed with gov blessing, despite diluting company control via IPO, that's how i would view it in positive light. On the other hand, ripple don't really have to do IPO, the xrp they have for sale is more than enough to raise funds, but will be criticised by public for selling xrp to suppress price yada yada. Let's discuss. Positive or negative? Agree with my view?
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