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  1. there's 3 groups: 1. frustrated and sold 2. still buying 3. frustrated but wont sell and still hold, but wont buy anymore (me)
  2. come on man, been trillion times i've heard "will test the bottom again before moon", it's very similar to the "wait 5 years but after years passed it is still 5 years instead of 3 or 2 years left" kinda thing. you couldve said the test the bottom for 4 times already by looking at your first pic,
  3. watch closely it's slooowlllyyy drifting to the downside
  4. you know what? i find you fascinating...
  5. look what the great bear market has done to humans i bet this will stop if bull market is ongoing, everyone will be cheering how high it will go instead of fighting here and there lol
  6. everything's alright, have some hope kay? the fuse is lit *letherrip's face*
  7. means its cheap, thanks for financial advice
  8. the price action is beyond infuriating
  9. It would have been easier to buy XRP by accumulating enough wealth before XRP existed than it would have to start buying at 0.015 after it came into existence while you dont have money and has spent the money elsewhere such as hookers. 2000 - 2010 were times you had your chance to accumulate savings. I challenge you to backtrack it further.
  10. Yeah man, When searching for "best pet to own" on Google, Giraffe should be in the top 10 results. But it's not even in after page 10, guess Giraffe already extinct in this planet? #dead
  11. come on man, clearly it's a joke, you'd question my IQ the moment i said absurd things like that
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