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  1. by the time BTC moons, you accidentally consumed neurotoxin and went to the afterlife, how sad is that
  2. As most of us expect the bull run to happen in 2021 due to following factors: 1. only 2 months left in this year 2. BTC 4 year cycle, and its TA deep V formation, taking into account of halving as well 3. more encouraging news recently (mainstream, etc) After looking at XRPUSD chart, the last moments before the take off, in reference to pic 1, we spent 1 whole year in sideways. Coincidentally, current chart is within the sideways zone as well, a lot has said the BOTTOM is in, including my favorite Youtuber who I think he's kinda a realistic person and dont hype. The likes of WorkingMoneyChannel, Mr B, Jungle Inc., and Digital Asset Investor (I watched DAI mostly in previous year, i cant believe i did that and almost got brainwashed), looks like a hypester to me and never watched again. We could mimic the last cycle's last moments and hence might take a painful dump to around 15 cents just to fulfill the "sideways" condition before bouncing back up. This is it boys, cant believe i weathered thru the never-ending bear market till now, high time we get our cycle in 2021, otherwise i believe everyone in the space will leave, which ultimately whales will be hurting i guess, since they eat the retails money by forcing them to buy high sell low. They'd best not to take the manipulation to the maximum extreme to the extend of fully sideways in 2021
  3. Return for BTC is going to get more and more limited due to its already high price, from ATH to $100k is only roughly 5x, to expect another 5x in next cycle it would mean $500k, and so on. My assumption will only be proved wrong if BTC just keep ascending without a "limiter" in mind, blow past $1 mil, $2 mil, then $5 mil and $ 10 mil and so on. A rising tide lift all boats, it's better to focus on % gains for maximum return, even if it means not participating in BTC price appreciation, XRP current price to ATH is already 13x, not to mention every new cycle the ATH is going to get higher. On the contrary, while upside % gain in BTC is limited, the downside is also limited, price swings wont affect the investment as much, pick your poison, ultimately i agree with you, holding some BTC is wise to fully participate in its "higher likelihood" of price appreciation, but cant expect any life changing gains from it.
  4. no need to waste your effort on mickey rat, we all know what's his intention, @EcneitapLatnem show us some gifs about mickey rat.
  5. @Staigeracome out and give him a dose of negativity, say that bullrun will not come in our lifetime again
  6. you always post positive stuffs, but this reply of yours is outright delusional, holding crypto is never better than holding currency that maintain its value short term (but loses value long term as we know about USD), One moment XRP is 0.30 another is 0.25, you sure you want to hold XRP for value storage purpose? conversely, hold XRP as investment will fit the description better, in long term we believe value will outgrow currency
  7. white paper is always good on paper, delivery is another thing, it could end up just like any other whitepaper that is all talk and no walk. been there, i was early on EOS, whitepaper/concept, etc all looks good, it was dubbed the "ethereum killer", as far as i recall my last follow up on that thing was related to governance issue, those early devs was so excited about it and posted optimistic video is now gone, nevertheless it was a good ride, i got in at 0.50 and watch it go all the way to 25.00 during the great 2017 bullrun, now back to few dollars, i was all the way in the green so cant complain, i was new and didnt cash out so i'll make sure to cash out this thing when the next ATH comes.
  8. @Master_of_Brain i know you're @Molten , admit it.
  9. been seeing the word "on the cusp of..." and "at an inflection point" too many times in ripple insights, i visit there daily for new official updates, im getting tired of this touting of "coming soon" but it seems to never come
  10. @KarmaCoverage i've been wondering this for long, are you Kevin Cage from youtube/twitter? both of you used dark colored avatar and have K and C as name.
  11. please dont be too harsh on @LetHerRip man, he's the source of entertainment that we need, without his memes i think i'll be a less happy person by now
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