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  1. Moneygram were/are lagging very badly on their digital offers in general and losing market share. They've rolled out a new app and they are trying to improve customer experience, but they have a lot of catching up to do. Irrespective of the rails that they use to do the actual transfer, they need to just do business better to improve. Their app is one step, their partnerships and new services like direct to debit card services are others that are strengthening them. Still for a company that just got pumped with $50M to be valued at $140M in total shows how bad their execution currently is. Having big hopes for them in the next couple of quarters and hence put more money than I should have on their stock. The fact that they refinanced their long term debt (which they have a lot of) helps too.
  2. Ripple was recently valued at $10B in its series C funding. But Ripple (even if in Escrow) has close to 50B XRP, then that alone should be close to 10B in value. So I don't think that figured in to the $10B valuation. If we assume it is the valuation of the business outside of their escrow holdings (don't know why they would value it like that), then when they go public in a year or so, we could assume that part of the business to be worth say $20-50B in total (a 2 to 5x growth from today). Best case scenario, they create $40B in value. Let's contrast that with the potential from the XRP escrow. Even if XRP were to stabilize at $1.25 in the next 2-3 years, Ripple will hold an additional $50B worth of XRP. Every dollar appreciation in XRP value in another $50B in value for them. From all the work that is being done with regulatory bodies, acquisitions to improve liquidity, partnerships with exchanges etc, I don't think they have given up on XRP and just proceeded to working on their fintech solutions primarily. In my perspective they have some confidence that the IPO will not hurt XRP and their efforts to build an ecosystem around it. The real question, and I can't see enough info to answer it is, if and to what extent will it help XRP other than by helping Ripple be more successful/legtimate? The most simplistic answer I have is, there is a real threat of XRP losing relevance due to the inaction of regulatory bodies (JPM coin /CBDCs minimizing the need for a XRP use case) or to a much lesser extent by being securitized, and hence they're forcing some movement through this. This year will definitely be a defining one for XRP. Hope it's a good one for all our sakes.
  3. Non XRP related, but you're factually wrong. You're confusing Near / Shortsightedness / Myopia with Presbyopia. Grandparents don't have a reliable LASIK option to fix Presbyopia which is what ALL old people have by default. There are other surgical options to consider, but none as clean and compromise free as LASIK for Myopia/Hyeropia in younger patients. Once in a while give some credit to grandparents and don't assume they're just old stubborn gits.
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