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  1. Technical analysis is retarded. Analysis of real world events (open and behind the scenes) and correspondingly hodling (medium to long-term) is the way to go.
  2. With your comment, I'm assuming you suggest concentrating investment into XRP for the 2020 bull market. I myself was thinking of investing in bitcoin due to its inevitable rise with the halving-induced bull market, and then reinvest the gains into XRP as I don't believe XRP's price will increase much; and however long Ripple decide to take, I don't think XRP will ever be displaced due to their monopoly in the crypto liquidity market (unless stellar lumens develops more...). On the flip side, I could be completely wrong and XRP could shoot up to somewhere in the $9 region in 2020 which is something I believe you are anticipating; another thing that supports your side is the fact that the bitcoin and XRP graphs generally correlate, implying that XRP must move.. Tough decisions.
  3. 1. What timescale do you give for XRP/ODL mass adoption by banks/liquidity providers? 2. Will XRPs price be set before mass adoption, or will its price slowly increase as adoption grows? Emphasis on question 2.
  4. You may not think this way, but I consider it patronizing to call someone a millennial because of all the bad stereotypes that come along with the new generation of adults. Anyway, we are going off topic. Please stay on topic.
  5. I watched the interview with Nicolas. It's funny, because he fundamentally agrees with me. I paraphrase (skip to 29:00 minutes in): Crypto Eri: "A lot of people think that the reason it's mass adoption is being held back is because of regulators are going ''na a ah', but you didn't have that push back at all..." Nicolas: "We need more global certainty... Australia is still a small country globally, and we need certainty to drive adoption..." Crypto Eri: "Yeah... it's a lot of education, isn't it?" Nicolas: "Yeah, you can't just come up with your product like others might have. Because you'll scare people, we need time to build that trust..." So essentially, the financial institutions are behind the technology startups due to a variety of factors, because they are scared/uncertain; re-read my original post, that is literally what my post was about. And again, my grandma with poor eye-sight analogy on the first page of this thread applies.
  6. Minor plot twist: I am actually a millennial myself. I specifically targeted millennials with short attention spans, which is an accurate stereotype.
  7. You know your original post is good when it's actually pro-XRP but people think it is anti-XRP. Weeding out the low attention span millennials who can't read.
  8. Obliged to share my own background as he did so his own. I agree largely with what he said as none of it was unreasonable even if it errs slightly on the optimistic side of things, and I appreciate the time it took to write his message and share his knowledge.
  9. Hi Lysistrada, thank you for the detailed response. I am delighted with your response. Our brains think very much the same, it seems, with our similar thought processes and identical price estimation. I am even more happy to see you bring up the term usury, a word that seems to have been lost as far as modern vocabularies go, which now goes by the term "interest". I am fully aware of usury being the primary driver of wealth for banks, and did not highlight this in my posts or thought process because my original post was designed to be easily understood by a modern mind, I didn't want to add too many layers of complexity or research... hence its brevity. I agree with pretty much everything you said, except the point about a more expedited adoption of XRP technology than usual when you started talking about nostro/vostro accounts becoming unnecessary in paragraph 4. Indeed I am not anti-XRP at all, but at the same time I am not even pro-XRP (though my stance is), I am just a realist. I simply take the presented facts of which I can obtain, and try to organize and then reorganize them into a form where there is little to no alternative interpretation. On a related note, I am an automation/DevOps engineer in charge of an automation project for one of the largest networking organization in the world, and I can tell you, stuff moves slowly even here; however, the outcome is completely worth it. Gone are the days where you would manually configure each and every networking component on an individual basis. Enter DevOps, where you can configure hundreds of networking components at will within a fraction of the time. This field is still in its infancy - for example, Cisco are going to release new automation certifications next month (previously they had none), and cloud certifications are relatively recent (Google Cloud have just released the beta version of their DevOps certificate) and are constantly being reviewed - it's almost a new sub-industry. Automation is a long, drawn out process, and XRP's motivation is rooted in automation - you would need to create new jobs, new training schemes, recruit new people, in order to support mass adoption of blockchain technologies. Given the state of cloud/DevOps, and to then infer that banks are going to adopt the XRP ledger anything inside of 5 years from now... Ha. Haha. facts dispenser.
  10. I am not anti-XRP, where in my post did I come across like this? I said XRP can reach 30+ USD. I am simply frustrated at the general misinfo.
  11. My grandma is phobic to LASIK, she also hates wearing big old glasses. The European banks are phobic to innovation (XRP), they also hate low interest rates.
  12. Yes, it is mostly a stab in the dark, but a fair estimate going by previous models. But my point is, XRP will not "moon" in 2020, or 2021, or 2022, like over-zealous 20's something millennials desire. And some delusional YouTubers. No argument in your post. ------------------------------- So all in all, no solid arguments presented as of yet. My opinion is balanced and sticks to reality thus far.
  13. I never said banks like SWIFT. Compare the banks to stubborn grandparents. Grandparents might not like LASIK to fix near/short sightedness, but at the same time they do not like wearing big old glasses. A bank behaves very similarly to a stubborn grandparent, they dislike the innovations that are meant to be helping them. This is why fintechs struggle. This attitude is slowly changing. And I emphasize slowly, hence the reason for this post. I didn't say XRP will not take off, just that you'll be waiting 10+ years for the money you're seeking.
  14. Please approve my post. There is no disinfo therein, nor is there any slander. If I made an error, I am open to being corrected.
  15. You will be waiting 10+ years for XRP to hit 30 USD. Why? Because of a specific buzzword you are sure to hear going around... FINTECH. Let's look at this word. It comprises of two parts: Fin - finance, and tech - technology. There is already a problem here. Finance moves incredibly slowly and is anti-innovation, technology moves very fast and is pro-innovation. Bang. And therein lies the fundamental problem when it comes to XRP: the clash of industries. Let's look at cloud adoption as an analogy. Cloud really took off late 2000's, and are large corporations hosting critical processes in the cloud? Nope. Why? Because they're big and they move slowly. They may host non-critical workloads in the cloud, but on-premise private cloud is still a thing and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Now with XRP. Banks, especially T1 Banks, are some of the slowest and most clunky of the large corporations, whereas XRP is some of the trendiest and most cutting-edge of technologies. What do you think will happen when these two contrasting worlds collide? I mean, good heavens, Banks have stuck with Swift for almost 50 years for a reason - they really do not like change. What makes you think they'll migrate their critical workloads over to the XRP ledger in 1, 2 or 3 years? Stop being silly. A common criticism: People like to bring up Facebook and Instragram adoption rates by the end user, and like to tout this as evidence that XRP will grow in a similar fashion. WRONG, and it really pisses me off when people present this reasoning, actually. XRP focuses its utility on the backend where no user is directly involved; Facebook, Instragram and the like are focusing on the front-end user. They are completely different beasts. If you want XRP's price to go up, its backend usage needs to increase, to hell with BitPay and small transactions from the front-end users, that isn't what you should be looking for.
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