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  1. I looked at the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). It discusses the idea that an intangible asset can either be measured at cost or revaluation if there is an established market for it: "IAS 38 allows intangible assets to be measured at cost or revaluation. Using the cost model, intangible assets are measured at cost on initial recognition and are subsequently measured at cost less accumulated amortisation and impairment losses. Using the revaluation model, intangible assets can be carried at a revalued amount if there is an active market for them; however, this may not be the case for all cryptocurrencies. The same measurement model should be used for all assets in a particular asset class. If there are assets for which there is not an active market in a class of assets measured using the revaluation model, then these assets should be measured using the cost model." IAS 38 were guidelines issued by the ACCA back in March 31, 2004 -- so these aren't new concepts. This intrigues me since I have, like most people, always assumed the increase in XRP price would be the result of a bull run cycle. But could it be a predetermined value? Brad Garlinghouse has made it crystal clear that XRP is a commodity with utility -- so then why would the price reflect it as a speculative value instrument of exchange? I would be curious to hear about how ridiculous and/or plausible this sounds.
  2. Everybody always has an angle...even when they claim not to have an angle. If you sell early and give up, you have a stake in proving your choice was an accurate one. If you hold and refuse to sell, you have a stake in proving your choice was an accurate one. It's all ego at the end of the day. Personally, I think patience will win out in the end.
  3. Agreed. We also can't underestimate how many people and institutions will opt to buy XRP for their own portfolio and/or use once it becomes a major player in the international payments industry -- which moves price very fast.
  4. Q1: $.25 - .50 Q2: $1 - 3.50 Q3: $.30 - .60 Q4: $25 - 50+ Can't bring myself to predict specific numbers. I think we are in for a false run mid-year, and a solid run in Q4. Yeah, I'm going there. These tiny little numbers that everyone has posted represent palpable disenchantment. Hang in there, guys. I've been invested since 2017 and feel optimistic.
  5. It seems like there are multiple, concurrent events that will drive the price of XRP upward. Increasing ODL liquidity needs would gradually create the perception of value and scarcity that is necessary to support a sustainable and long-term price increase. The important price driver that I think tends to get a bad rap is speculation. Whether we choose to accept it or not, speculation (and sharp instinct) is fundamentally the backbone of any emerging business enterprise. People (and institutions) must believe in the success of the investment before they invest in it and before it ever actually becomes successful. Ultimately, we want market makers to believe that they should hold XRP as a source of security and stability against an otherwise unstable monetary system that will ultimately be crippled by an over leveraged debt system. The narrative that is sown about the asset is important at this stage. It is also true that euphoric belief in the growth of an asset is the underlying driver of speculative and parabolic bubbles. This is why I think when the XRP price goes up, it will be very fast--like Bitcoin's price movement. The price increase will represent an overspeculation in that moment about the real value of XRP in that moment. What must happen during and after the initial, speculative parabolic run is the continued embrace of ODL as a viable alternative to servicing transfers in corridors that are not within the clenches of international central banks (maybe Africa, Southwest Asia). The price will crash hard after the next parabolic run. But I do not think it will crash down to .20. Maybe it will go up to $50 and drop to $5 (obviously guessing here). The next parabolic run & crash will cause a lot of people to prematurely pull out of the investment. This is why very few people become rich. It takes an insane exercise of willpower and strength to hold onto an investment at this stage in its growth. Human nature usually wins. Just my two cents. I'm new here so please forgive the newb for her transgressions (if any).
  6. Been lurking for a while and just joined the forum myself. Happy 2020 to you! I have a feeling this year will see some major restructuring of the financial industry, paving the way for XRP price growth!
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